Have you or someone you know gone through a shamanistic soul journey w/a shaman?

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If so, what was your experience like exactly?
please describe.

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Yes but I’d rather not share it.

Shane M



Yes, I have taken what are called sacred mushroom and ayahuasca for spiritual reasons. This one of the reason that has lead me to reject materialism. People of our time could greatly benefit from these, because we live in the most spiritually dead time ever.
When I took ayahuasca I felt the ‘self’ melt away. I stopped thinking in language, there was just pure naked awareness. There was also very strong spiritual connection to nature. Time seemed to last eternity. My boundaries dissolved, there was not as much separation between me and the so called external world. In and out were the same


Yes and let’s just say that cocaine is a helluva drug.


If by shamanistic soul journey you mean fooling around before class, and by shaman you mean native american girl, then…. to describe my experience exactly would violate YA guidelines.

Vitamin C

Yes, I have.
What happened was that she brought me to different levels in the spiritual world and helped me to collect parts of my soul that had gotten separated and lost. It was very intense and a bit scary. It really helped me though.

Trish JPA and Jewish Pastafarian

Some journeys are private; sorry.


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