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Have you noticed that msn astrology is surprisingly accurate?

All their predictions for me regarding this monday, tuesday and wednsday were accurate

Their predictions for this week and month were also accurate…

Today they predicted that I would get a chance at romance… (however I don’t have any male friends outside of church and I never see church people outside of church)

I am crossing my fingers and hoping I will get a chance with this guy I like today…


  • It is not “hooey”. The location of all matter in the universe, along with its size and speed has an effect on all other “adams”. This is in a way a communication partly caused by gravitational attraction.

    The effect has much to do with combined thought in the form of “wish”. It is a special word. What we wish is what we try to act on. When we act, we change the atoms around us, or we ask others to do it for us.

    Regarding the “hospital” statement above, there is a great chance of life convergence, because of same location and time of birth. The reason for the vast differences are because people may be of different races or cultures and most importantly they have different names and may not speak the same language.

    As we think, we think for all the matter in the universe. We are just like brain cells within G_d’s mind. The odd thing is that this mind thinks at a quantum level, which requires non-thought. It is like being on and off at the same time.

    Most of what “off” is in relation to matter is the distance and its measurement between objects, whether they be single atoms, the pyramids at Giza, or the planets and “stars”.

    Two people in said hospital may have “like” names. Let’s say Darren and Darrell. When this is the case, they may become type A personalities who take easily to risks, because they subconsciously see “dare” in their names.
    If you can’t see any sense in this, then you can’t see “not me” in name.

    “Not me” rules the world.

  • No, I had not noticed that because astrology is a hoax. Two children can be born in the same hospital minutes apart and their lives turn out completely different. The idea that looking at stars can tell an individual what’s going to happen based upon their birthday is ridiculous since all you have to do is gather together a group of people who have the same birthday and see how their lives don’t match up day by day, month by month, year by year.

    One person gets a heart attack on Monday while another person has an ordinary day while another person gets a promotion at work. It’s all a bunch of hooey.

  • interesting. but still wrong. astrology is forbidden by God. now, if you want to go for astronomy, have at it 🙂

    as an old song once said, “why look to the stars when you can look to the very One who made those stars!”

  • I could take the same predictions it made for you, give them to some random person, and chances are they’ll think they’re good predictions for them as well.

    It’s vague language, the Barnum effect.

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