Have you noticed any shifts in the earths energy recently related to the coming 2012 mass spiritual awakening?

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If so what

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Yeah, everyone is getting dumber.

Rev. Iason Ouabache

No, I haven’t. Should I have noticed something? How do you measure these shifts in energy?


Yes. Mother earth is sick of human occupation and is happy to bid us farewell. I believe her exact words are, “Get the F*** of my surface now!”

Actual Answer VPD

There is no spiritual awakening.
2012 is going to be an extremely boring and frustrating year for you.

Made From Embryonic Stem Cells

Oh God no. Those damn spirits keep awakening and scaring up the graveyard. I find that mosquito repellent works well.

Nummits and Crummits

I felt a northwesterly shift last night actually. I first thought it was my neighbour’s flatulence, but later discovered it to be my constipated dog.

Trish JPA and Jewish Pastafarian

Man, Ifeyinwa took the words right out of my fingertips.
I CANNOT for the life of me understand why so many people are so EAGER to believe that silliness. Are their lives really so dull that the best they can hope for is doom and gloom? That’s pathetic.


No, but that is probably because its first necessary to believe in the 2012 Mass spiritual awakening before you can feel these shifts.

Marcus Gubba - reiner

Dude, the mayan calender doesn’t say the world is gonna end. its like our calender.. the world doesnt end on Dec 31 11:59… we just go back to january on a new year. But the bible talks of lies and deception. Also tremors and etc.. towards the end. The bible says that man will never know the exact hour of the end so stop believing what people say.


I think those shifts are more related to the spiritual energies affecting our collective consciousness and yes I have pertaining to these. Mass enlightenment is sort of like mass waking up and if you think of it this way one of the first affects, which has been happening in great strides since the 50s and 60s, is a strengthening awareness of a higher dimension of thought that is overtaking us. The spirit that was present from 72-92 is presently being compressed into the time period Nov. 2009 through Nov. 2010 and one can see through historical analysis the common ground. Think of it like a spiraling of events, an inverted tornado, that is carrying and displaying the workings of our collective consciousness in fractal patterns that will culminate in completion around 2012. Close your eyes and you won’t see it at all. For many it will come as a thief in the night.
Concerning the shifts in the earth’s energy, yes I believe it will and is reflecting what is happening spiritually among us. This is hard to pinpoint because it seems to be falling into patterns of the past according to science that most accept as its natural evolution. What does it mean in Revelations, “and there was silence in heaven for the space of half an hour”? According to Hermetic philosophy, As above, So below, we should be able to see something in this realm of matter that is reflecting such a thing whatever it is. Half an hour suggests half a cycle and my mind goes to sunspots. Our scientists are absolutely amazed at the silence of the sun at this time of solar minimum. Perhaps, and this is pure speculation, this is the half an hour referred to. And afterwards… well either seals are broken (secrets made known that are like plagues to some) or trumpets sound I cannot remember. Either way our earth may be getting ready to herald a new day with strangeness in our electromagnetic field.
A good question for some… an annoyance for others. Don’t ever give up on trying to see that which is invisible.


There won’t be any physical event or change and there won’t be any other sort of change. When 21st December 2012 arrives and Planet X or Nibiru has once again failed to appear, there is no sign of a pole shift, the galactic alignment turns out to be a damp squib and we haven’t been scorched by any solar flares, the woo-woos will proclaim it’s a “spiritual awakening” or a “change in consciousness”. In reality, nothing will change and everything will carry on just as before.


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