Home Discussion Forum Have you learned to take pleasure in simple things?

Have you learned to take pleasure in simple things?

Goddess Kundalini teaches us that animals have simple desires People do not realize
that animals have a consciousness capable of having desires and
knowing that they cannot reach them easily. Their
desires are SIMPLE and they do not have the power to manifest them.
Some animals simply want to be loved or accompanied, some want to
simply play or run freely. Because of today’s world, some animals
simply want to not starve. Free roaming my home meant everything to
my friends ferret. Spiritually lost humans are programmed to desire
way too much. Goddess Kundalini will bring a much more meaningful life
with simple desires.
Goddess Kundalini teaches us that Animals are superior as the simplest things can mean absolutely
everything to them. If they were to be able to reach their very
simple desires, then they would be in paradise.


  1. Of course animals have simple desires.
    Dogs love swimming in open waters, cats love going to sleep in the sun, heck, even birds get a sense of pleasure out of flying in groups.
    It’s instinctive.

  2. “Instinctive”
    Can you prove this with 100% accuracy? It is unlikely that you can prove something with 100% accuracy. Therefore, I suggest you do not try to pass off what you say as a fact, when facts likely do not truly exist.
    How are you so sure everything a human does isn’t ‘instinctive’? How are you so sure that everything an animal does is ‘instinctive’?


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