Have you heard of Aleister Crowley?

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What do you think of the guy?
why do i ask…i dunno…just curious i guess…i heard a rumor that he was barbara bush’s daddy

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Alistair was a deluded eccentric.


yes i have
what read was he was a drug addict and a nut

Charles V

Absolute crackpot, demagogue, huxster.

Corrosion EAC

A drunken, unbathed wretch who managed to hoodwink a lot of people into buying his books.
Also a huge freeloader.


He was a brilliant pioneer of social engineering that enjoyed rock climbing.

Sako Tiberious Grimes

He was one crazy mofo. Ozzy did a song about him.


Yup. He was an arrogant idiot with a self-centred view of magic.


Yes…….interesting character to say the least. Obviously he set himself up to be divisive, and it worked.


He was self-absorbed, obsessed with the ‘occult’ and out to shock and abuse people. He was enormously abusive to his ‘disciples’, subjecting them to sodomy, beatings, deprivation…all in pursuit of ‘magick’.
A talented writer, nonetheless. But full of it. Full of drugs too.
My favourite ‘Crowley quote’ (as a teen, you simply had to have at least one from the ‘Wickedest Man In The World’!) was:
A is A, therefore: A.


He was your typical ceremonial magician – misogynist, arrogant, charismatic, fool hardy, well-educated, a bit crazy and a drug enthusiast.
Why do you ask?


That he was one very shrewd mofo who knew how to play people.


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