Have you heard of aleister crowey or thelema before?

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I do not want a description, just wondering how many people know what/who he/it is.

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You don’t get through grades 7-9 without hearing all about it. It’s like,um,way cool,dude.

The Great Gazoo

Yep. Ozzy has a song about him.


Yes, and yes (giving benefit of the doubt on the typo of Crowley).


I know who Aleister Crowley is.
He’s a sandwich short of a picnic basket.


🙂 YES!
“Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the law.”
“Love is the law, love under will”
“Each man and woman is a star.”
It’s very much a part of my composite philosophy. [mostly LHP] I may not be an actual Thelemite [I will not start reading my Liber AL until I can afford to buy a new one after I burn it], but I could be. [We also have religious differneces]






I think he was mentioned on T.V. tonite.


yes, I have–thanks for asking!

Raven's Voice

*raises hand* I have.

Black Dragon

Yes, I know who he was.

Pooty Pooty Apple Water

Yeah Crowleys the name of the voice in your head, and thelema is his taco

Mike S

Not only have I heard of him but I own a set of his tarot cards


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