Home Discussion Forum Have you heard of a Mystical traveler.?

Have you heard of a Mystical traveler.?

Students in MSIA can be initiated through the Mystical Traveler Consciousness into the Sound Current, the audible stream of energy that comes from the heart of God. The levels of initiation in MSIA correspond to levels of consciousness both within and outside of each person: astral (relating to the imagination), causal (relating to the emotions), mental (relating to the mind), etheric (relating to the unconscious), and Soul (who we truly are). There are also initiations above the Soul level.
The astral initiation happens in the “night travel” (dream state) after a person has in some way come in contact with the Mystical Traveler; it is not anchored physically at that time. For the four other initiations, the person meets with an initiator and is given an initiation “tone” (the name of Divinity on that realm), which the initiate chants during spiritual exercises.
These initiation tones are charged with spiritual energy by the Traveler Consciousness for each person individually, and the Traveler assists the student in clearing enough karma on one level to be initiated into the next level. For the levels of initiation above the Soul level, no initiation tone is given physically
Movement of Inner spiritual awareness.
I thought it was soul that goes on missions for God.


  1. Sorry, but this sounds like new-age mumbo jumbo to me. Because there is currently no way to prove the existence of God, the assertion that an audible stream of energy is origination with the heart of God is immediately suspect.

  2. Within the modern system of Thelema, developed by Aleister Crowley in the first half of the 20th century, Thelemic mysticism is a complex mystical path designed to do two interrelated things: to learn one’s unique True Will and to achieve union with the All. The set of techniques for doing so falls under Crowley’s term Magick, which draws upon various existing disciplines and mystical models, including Yoga, Western ceremonial ritual (especially invocations and eucharistic ceremony), the Qabalah, and several divination systems, especially the tarot and astrology.
    The path to mystical attainment or enlightenment was initially developed by Crowley largely based on the meditation/mystical techniques found in Buddhism and also the Tree of Life, especially as it was examined by Eliphas Levi in the 19th century and later by various members in the occult society, the Golden Dawn. In 1904, Crowley wrote The Book of the Law, which he eventually called the central sacred text of Thelema, heralding a new Aeon for mankind. Between 1907 and 1911, Crowley wrote a series of other small texts which he considered to be “inspired” in that they were written through him rather than by him, which were afterwards collected together and termed the Holy Books. The final text added to the list was The Vision and the Voice, a vivid account of Crowley’s astral travels through the thirty Enochian Aethyrs. These texts formed the final mystical backbone of Crowley’s system.


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