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Have you had luck using a psychic/clairvoyant (etc) to find your calling in life?

I’m 23 and at that “crossroads” point in life. I’m thinking about doing dermatology, but it’s such a commitment (11 years of study!!). I’ve been a dental assistant, so I know that too much blood and guts isn’t my thing, but I want to really help people in my day-to-day job, but make a decent wage.

My father is a disability support worker, which is a wonderfully meaningful job, but the pay is pitiful and he thinks I should do medicine, be a GP for 10 years and make some money, then quit and do something else.

Has anyone else found a good way to get insight into yourself? I’ve read a lot of replies to other questions saying “find what you love to do”, but I have no particular passions and never have.


  • Yes, psychics can see your calling or mission in life. If you’re timid, try to find a clairvoyant in your area that you can speak with face to face. Ask around for a referral. Or you can look deeper at yourself for the answer.

    Now is the best time to be making money and setting some aside each month. The more you can save the sooner you can retire. But you want to have fun at your young age too and that can take money, depending on your interests. Eleven more years of study does not look like a good course in that respect.

    You are people oriented and there are nice paying jobs in that area out there with less involvement than the medical field. Some are instant and certainly bloodless. Keep looking. Generally our mission in life, with regards to profession, is overlooked for years before it becomes apparent. You may not have a passion in one direction or the other. But you do have your likes and you have certain ones that have always been with you and will never change because that is who you are and that is where your true calling is. And you will still be able to help people. But HOW do you want to help people? That will give you a direction. And look at the possibility of helping people in different ways. One at a good paying job and the other through volunteer work at your leisure.

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  • Bartens. Lots of money, and you definitely DO get a chance to help people out (even if it’s keep ing their cars keys and making sure a kid’s parent is still alive)
    and you don’t have to think as much.
    Seriously, if you don’t know your passion, don’t waste your time.
    BUT all of those career tests I’ve taken have come up with my true passion- too bad it’s in the arts and I had a kid young and won’t chance it.
    Anyway, they are reliable, in that they are VERY CONSISTENT.
    Why go to a possible fake when you can get the real thing?

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