Have you had any experience with the occult/magick/rituals/witch craft? If so, what happened?

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I am and have been a Witch for over ten years.
What happened is it brought joy, fulfillment, purpose etc into my life. But it isn’t the way for everybody.


I laughed

Warumono 悪者

I have been practicing for about 13 years. I have never felt more alive. It is not for everyone, but it was the right path for me.


I am not sure what you are asking–are you asking if I have ever experienced anything like in the movie “The Craft?” No. Do I own tarot cards? Yes. I believe in an earthy religion–that everything is connected and flows in circles. I believe there are forces around us that we do not understand and can completely comprehend. I don’t discount anything–and I read–a LOT!
Nothing has “happened” so far–I find myself at peace and happier than when I was a christian 🙂


My mother in law was into weird occult stuff and she tried some stuff on me and her grandson, but she is dead now and we are still alive because I always pray for protection. She died six months ago.

the old dog

I have.
I found that the more I was into it the more it wanted from me to work my way. I found that it cost me a lot of money and got me nothing in return.
I did this all the while exploring the bible and Christianity as well; I should have known better!
It did nothing but harm me.
Now Christianity? Well that turns my crank in a celestial way that nothing else ever had. Well except for God, the Christ and the Holy Ghost, naturally they take precedent over all.


I have felt like I was different for as long as I can recall. I officially became Wicca in 1995. I have never been happier nor more alive. Yes, I have done rituals and magic, not the kind on Harry Potter, Charmed, the craft or other movies, TVs or fictional books. The magic is subtle and wonderful, if you keep an open mind and are willing to see passed prejudices that have been created by foolish men who try and stifle the creativity given to us by the creator(s).
Edit/Addition: for those who believe it is a teen age fad, I just turned 50.


I have been a practicing witch for over two decades. Many of my friends and acquaintances are witches. I’ve participated in countless rituals, both as a solitary and as a member of a coven. Obviously, the experience has been very fulfilling and rewarding or I’d have stopped a long time ago.


I am not a Wiccan.
However, I have practiced Witchcraft. It’s not as bad as people thing. There is lots of misconception that it’s from the devil, and it’s not. When I do do Witchcraft, I feel very in tune with Nature.
And I usually do spells for peace, and happiness.


It has filled a void in my life. I love it.


I’ve been a witch for many years. I don’t do spells all the time, but I do them sometimes. I’ve done spells for safety, health, peace and protection. I have a friend who was having trouble sleeping and his doctor’s weren’t finding a reason. He asked me if there was anything I could do and asked me if there was anything I could do. I did a spell for him and within a week, he started to sleep through the night. I have a friend who was going to be traveling, he had a bad feeling and asked if there was something I could for him. I put together a travel safety spell. His trip went well and he got home safe. I has having trouble with some neighbors, so I did a peace spell and things have been going fairly well.


I am a practicing Witch, and I lead at this moment 9 Covens (not all at once, Covens ‘hive off’), which also give me the title of WitchQueen. What happens when you use magick depends on what you intend, your focus and will.
What you send out always returns, so it’s wise to send out what is good and just.
If you’d like details, drop me a line. Or just google WitchQueen Serra.


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