Have you had an out of body experience? when your third eye opens & your spirit temporarily leaves your body?

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what did you see?
if not, i suggest you practice opening your third eye.

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Some have felt this sensation when taking drugs. What is the purpose in this? How does it make you a better person. Does it equip you with the ability to help others?

Michelle C

That’s not a good idea. I have relatives that can leave their bodies. They don’t welcome it, it scares them. Leaving your body, you are messing with the spiritual world. I wouldn’t recommend doing it.

David H

Yeah. I worked on it. And the first time it actually happened, it scared the s*** out of me! I had to find other ways to enlightenment.

Reileah 2.0

I’ve had several “out of mind” experiences. Does that count?

The Bitter Truth

My third eye has conjunctivitis


A fifth will give you a third eye real fast.

wild-man of Borneo

Look in the real world.
Decode this lyrics ” You’ll see ”
When the 3rd eye is only a communication system?
Just pull out the feelers
Then tune in to which frequency do we want.
In AM/MW/SW/LW in analogue.
Or UHF/ VHF in digital.
Why must have an out of body experience?
By then will be dead and buried?
Luke 21.30-36
What do you think?


I was half awake and I had to go to the bathroom really bad, but I was so tired. So I got up to go but I could not lift the toilet seat for some reason, so I just tried to go in the hole of the seat the best I could, but I couldn’t go. So I decided to go back to bed, and what a surprise to find that I was still laying there in bed when I returned. That was a scary experience. I didn’t know what to make of it. How the hell could I still be laying there if I was up going to the bathroom? But I startled awake and just shook it off as a really weird experience and maybe a dream.


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