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Have you had a Spiritual awakening lately?

Please tell us about it.
Thank you.


  1. Yes, I have had one. I awoke one day realizing that all this hocus-pocus, fairy tales and mysticism associated with religion is all untrue and it has basically one purpose and that is to create hate and discontent among people.

  2. I was steeped in faith and had been searching for God for 30+ years, then I was driving one day, trying to figure out why I had never been told about Transitional fossils, and it hit me.
    God doesn’t exist. It explains all the questions that used to really bother me as a believer, it explains my continual search and that sinking feeling that I was on the wrong path. It explains the thousands of Christian denominations, and the behavior of people who REALLY follow faith.
    It was eye opening and revealing and caused me incredible joy. I was free to focus on humanity and to truly value life and time with my kids and friends and family. It caused me to look at humanity in a completely different way, which led me to new understanding and new compassion for people I used to denigrate.
    Basically it turned me into a better person. Now my spiritual time is spent on human things like music, art and reading, those things compel me to help others, instead of selfishly spending time in meditation or prayer seeking a blessing from a non existent God, and convincing myself that he loved me, even though he really didn’t reply.


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