Have you had a spiritual awakening? a vision? a miracle? that motivated you in a powerful way that you can ?

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NO! Why have you?


I’ve heard weed can do that.


No, luckily i haven’t had any brain trauma lately.


Unless you consider studying philosophy and science “spiritual”, then no. I have not.


not reallly but i believe in angels..




I took Bible classes and at the age of sixteen, a great epiphany, and then I said to myself “This stuff doesn’t add up.”


I dropped a sandwich and it landed with the butter-side down.
That’s when I realized that there is no god

anttttonio Sin ofensas

A BIG miracle. Here it is: http://answers.yahoo.com/question/index;_ylt=AkB.eWGXAcUkMhsHWyIkOCMjzKIX;_ylv=3?qid=20080405161536AAoZtCS
To Him who sits on the throne and to the Lamb be praise and honor and glory for ever and ever. Jesus is Lord.

James C.

Almost 5 years ago, I was not the Christian I am now. I did things without thinking, without a care in the world. It finally came down to one day when I did something that even now I have a hard time forgiving myself for. I came home and cried for almost an hour. It was at this point I realized what I had become. It was not until a couple weeks later that I was in a Book store when I found a book about samurai. I began to read the book and realized that these servant warriors would die for their Lord without any question. It made me realize that these samurai were much like Christians in that they put their ‘Lord’ first. From then on I was a Samurai Christian, a Servant Warrior of Christ. Ever since then I have been tempted with many evils, and I will admit that I have fallen a few times. But, since then God has always been there to pick up the pieces for me. He is my strength and my rock.


Yes, twice, but unfortunately, they lasted only a few moments. The first was the evening after being with a holy person in India. That experience demonstrated what is called “Holy Breath,” or being sustained by a breath while human breath ceases… and during those moments our own cosmic nature is revealed (Child of God)
The second happened many years later and demonstrated this “living water,” which in fact flowed from the heart and also had a cosmic sense to it… and had a cleansing effect.
These experiences fit rather nicely into what I was reading in the Kingdom Gospel, so ever since I have been promoting this Original and genuine gospel of Jesus Christ about becoming the “Children of Light.” John 12:36
This original gospel is nothing at all like the Pauline gospel we hear these days.
More on my bio.


They happen all the time. It’s being alert to and expecting them that allows you to recognize them.
Last night I had a dream of being thrown out at third.It was a stupid base-running mistake in the dream, but in my life I have been questioning if I’ll get another chance at something I won’t go into.
I realized I just need to make some corrections and there’s always another inning.

Kris L

I was in a spiritual crisis, and it was about 9:30 p.m. Since I was an Episcopalian, I tried to call any Episcopalian priest, but after I’d tried thirty different churches (with at least five very ‘rude’ recordings as answers, or no recording at all) I got an ‘idea’ in my head to call a Catholic church, with another idea right behind it … if I got a priest to answer the phone, I’d have to become a Roman Catholic. I called, a man’s voice answered, and when I said I was in a crisis and would like to talk to a priest, he said “Let me say goodbye to this committee and I’ll be right with you.’ In fact, this was the first Catholic church I called, and it was not ‘normal’ for the priest to answer, nor was the committee meeting just ending normal. I talked to him, went to see him the next day, and started the path to becoming a Roman Catholic. Since then, I’ve experienced several ‘visions,’ ‘miracles,’ and other ‘signs’ from God, and each time it happens if I ‘listen and do’ them my life gets better. I am a psychologist, now retired, and have worked with people in spiritual crisis throughout my whole career. As you probably know, anyone who recieves money from the government or works for an agency that recieves money from the government can not even admit to believing in God, much less recommend any ‘religious idea’ to a patient or client. I have always worked for and run places that got no government funding (including working for the Episcopal diocese in three different dicoceses) but didn’t find ‘true happiness’ until that night when I spoke to a Catholic priest when I was in crisis myself.
I believe that it doesn’t matter to God what ‘religion’ a person is, or even if they have a religious affiliation. I believe that in the end, we will all go to Heaven, not just Christians, not just ‘evangelicals’ or any other ‘identification.’ If you ‘listen for God’ with true belief, you will get the messages in answer that are right for you, and if you ‘follow instructions’ you will be truly happy in the end, as I am.

Robyn Duck

I have any a strong “spiritual” feeling about my beliefs. I can’t deny these feelings. No vision – just a feeling that I can’t really describe. My husband said he literally felt a burning in his chest, like he was on fire.


Have you ever hugged a tree?

LOL I HAVE! I'm a tree hugger! I love trees! (I'm not joking either, I've hugged trees.)

How can one truely accept christianity knowing it is a rip off of many older, pagan religions?

i mean seriously...there's been over 300 jesus' before jesus was supposedly born. The sumerians even had a jesus! Christianity to me just...

What is Aleister Crowley's best book to study?

I already have The Book Of Lies and am getting 777

Is there a Native ritual to atone to the hawks who have been wrongly harmed?

I am perceiving a lot of old and very old etheric hawk egg substance around

Is telepathy possible? Can it be done subliminally so that only a suggestion of a thing is transmitted?

Can it be done over a long distance for example from Oklahoma to the Cape of Good Hope? Any one have any thoughts...
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