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Have you had a Sacred Vision of God and/or Jesus and or Holy Spirit? Have you read any good books on this?

Please explain what you have experienced and the changes within you.
If you want some good books and writings on this, besides the Bibles of the major religions, you could peruse (deep and difficult) “Pensees” by Blaise Pascal, some of Charles Finney’s writings, “Cosmic Consciousness” by Richard Bucke and especially good are Part V, chapters 8, 13, 29,30; “Varieties of Religious Experiences” by Willian James, and some of my more inspired posts on here or on my website
Peace and progress to all in our loving Father’s and Creator Son’s One Spirit Light and Life Eternal, freely given to all who will accept Him ! Here and now !
Other good books are the many “Life after Life” and some near-death and some out-of-body-experience OOBE type books. Please share the titles/authors of good ones to peruse.


  1. The last one I had was kind of disturbing, although uplifting, and a year later, 911 happened (actually to the day). The vision was about a cavalry of horsemen who await to destroy the evil that funnels like a dark river from town to town in the valley below (where we are). This dark river comes to the very doorsteps of our homes. As soon as we open the doors, we are ALL subject to it. There is no one with a reprieve. But when those horsemen charge down the hill, they will bring a great light and colors that we have never seen before, and the river of shadows will melt before them like smoke before they even get there.
    I couldn’t forget this vision (there was more to it) and after a while, I wrote it down. When I think about it, it seems to me that in Revelations there was only 4 horsemen, and it seemed a dire event when they came, but in this vision I had, there were uncounted numbers of them, and they are heroic figures who cannot wait to rescue us. So I am not sure if this was a true vision or not.

  2. I have seen God on His throne, not His face though, it glowed like the son. I saw Jesus as a little girl and had a dream of the Holy Spirit. All three have changed me spiritually. It is really fun to hear about others experiences within the spiritual realm. Thank you for sharing your information.

  3. This is not fair. You didn’t say about yourself. If it’s confession time I almost had a vision when I was about nineteen. I was real despondent over losing a relationship that I thought was going to be a marriage and while listening to some hymns, I think one said that Jesus is always with us and I started to see him slightly to my right, but got a little afraid, but palpably felt his presence in that spot. If I had the nerve it might have happened. Oh, well, not a big story. Your turn. lol Oh, and I never felt lonely again.

  4. I don’t know that I have ever seen a vision and if I did I didn’t realize it. However, since my beloved Mother passed away, January 12, 2005, I know that she is with me everyday. I can feel it. I cannot explain it with words, but I just know she is with me. She has been my only parent since my Daddy died in 1978 and basically was our whole world and she knew that all of us (her children and grandchildren) needed her and depended upon her for her friendship, guidance, etc. So…that is how I know she is with me. I knew when she was making her journey home to be with the Lord that she would be safe and would no longer suffer and be in pain. We all told her to go on and we would see her in the next life and she seemed at peace and it was like she needed to know we would be alright with her being with us in spirit. Once each of us told her in our own way, she completed her journey and went home to be with the Lord.

  5. My last vision/visitation was in regards to my granddaughter who wasn’t born yet. It was about 5 years ago. Her father and mother were not married and were heavy into drug use. Prior to her conception, they were both in jail and we did not bail them out. My husband and I were very upset with their behaviors. When they were released from jail we allowed them to stay with us, as they had been evicted from their apartment. However, during the first week of their stay we caught them doing drugs again in our own home and kicked them out of our house.
    I give this background information so that whoever reads this will understand the sentiments and feelings that my husband and I had toward them. We had more or less washed our hands of them.
    I awoke one morning to pressure being exerted on my wrist, only to find a being kneeling beside me and squeezing my wrist to wake me. Naturally, I awoke startled. She had her finger up to her lips to indicate “Shhh”. She was wearing clothing that was common in the days of Jesus and hood was over her head. The weird thing, was that I could not see her face clearly. This being communicated telepathically with me and told me that my son’s girfriend was pregnant. The message was that I was to help her. Within 24 hours we received a call and it confirmed that she was expecting.
    They still didn’t have a place to live and we had them over to discuss this change of events. Naturally, I was full of admonitions to the mother about discontinuing her drug use for the sake of the baby. She agreed and they both agreed to not do so anymore and they were given a place to stay in our home. She had a complicated pregnancy and I had to drive her back and forth to a specialist in another town.
    They lived here in our home for the first 6 months of her pregnancy and again for about 4 months after the baby was born. Had I not received this visitation we probably would not have allowed them back into the home and she wouldn’t have received the medical care required. I now have a beautiful granddaughter who is 4 years old.
    This is the account of my most recent visitation. It’s really more than a vision, but in my mind it applies. Incidentally, I did have bruises on my wrist where it was squeezed. A gentle reminder that it truly was REAL. I have not read any books on this.
    The lessons for me in this are forgiveness, compassion, and unconditional love.


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