Home Discussion Forum Have you had a reiki treatment? How did it go?

Have you had a reiki treatment? How did it go?

Was it by distance or ‘hands on’. Was it for you, a family member, friend, your pet or your plants??


  1. Reiki is amazing.
    But you definately have to have an open mind.
    Reiki works hands on or through distance, whichever you prefer.
    It was for me and i loved it.

  2. Reiki is a load of bollocks, you might as well believe in dwarves or an after-life if you buy into that.

  3. My mam is a reiki master and uses her hands.
    Always works and after you feel refreshed and like a weight has been lifted off you.
    She did it on my cat after it broke it’s leg to help it sleep, and it worked. LOL

  4. I am a beauty therapist and did reiki for my training, and during the training we had to practise on each other. Some of us were no diffrnt, some said that they felt warmth, others even started crying.

  5. It was for me. Hands on. I previously had insomnia and I fell asleep during the treatment and slept for 18 hours. It was given to me by my ex-girlfriend who was a level 2.
    I am a huge skeptic about a lot of the alternative “medicine” stuff, but this one really helped me. The results were undeniable. I have since gotten trained and am a level 3 in Usui, Tibetan, and Egyptian. Whether these are historically correlated with the locations they claim to be is anybody’s guess. All I can say is it has been very good for my health and happiness.
    Edit: I must note that it is not a ‘cure-all’ I have had injuries which were not fixable with Reiki and had to have surgery to fix them. I do believe Reiki helped speed my recovery.

  6. Ive received it 3 or 4 times hands on by different people. The effects varied, i guess it was due to the different people and how good they were at it. I fell asleep through 2 treatments and felt amazing afterwards.

  7. I first starting having Reiki treatments to deal with a chronic heritary illness that I was dealing with, and that Western medicine was not helping me with satisfactorily. I had hands-on treatments, and I was amazed at the effect!
    First off, if you experience nothing else, you will be remarkably relaxed during and after the session. There were several times where memories surfaced that pointed to the origin of particular mental/emotional issues that I had. By being able to identify and recognize those things, I was able to work to heal them – which brought more stability to my overall health.
    I found that I felt more at ease and level-headed for several days after a treatment. I didn’t get worked up or effected by things that would normally make me angry or annoy me. I was just more calm and centered.
    I was so impressed with the effects, that I become a Reiki practitioner and eventually a Reiki Master!
    I’ve been practicing for 8 years now, and I am always happy to see the positive effects that it has on my clients. I have even had several people come to me that were complete skeptics and were doing it as a favor to a loved one that believed in it – and they ALL were impressed with the level of relaxation they reached, and the sense of contentment and balance that they had afterwards. One of my “regulars” was this way – he’s an engineer and very scientifically minded. He swears by Reiki now!
    Find a practitioner near you and try a treatment! It’s a lovely experience.

  8. I’ve had Reiki treatments from someone experienced in other types of Energy Healing. I found it a very relaxing and enjoyable experience. Depends what your condition is – but if you are looking for a treatment to help you relax or give you more energy, you will probably find it helpful. Unfortunately, there are a lot of organisations signing people off as Reiki Healers, very quickly, so try to find a local practioner that has people recommending him/her. Top tip, you will probably have increased chances of success if you find one who is also qualified in other areas of Holistic Medicine


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