Have you had a near death experience?

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Have you had a near death experience?

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Tina M

yes,alot to tell the truth


I was pulled out of a hot fire zone in Vietnam twice. AK-47 rounds flying all over the place. That is about as close as I want to come until the real thing happens.
And before you ask, I didn’t see any tunnel of light or dead family and friends.

Amy O

when i was in kindergarten, everyone thought i was goin to die… everyone knew except me, i had no idea wut was rong, but i had fluid in my hip, and it was spreading through my systems and to my brain. all i knew was it hurt, and i couldnt move, i was on tv tht halloween in the hospital…. and i had no idea, but i lived an i am VERY happy to b alive today…. they had even told my mom to say her goodbyes to me!!! closer to death thn i ever want to b anytime soon!


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