Have you found the point of your consciousness where you are able able to overcome the world dream ?

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I love va jay jays.

what in HELL are you talking about.


I stopped doing acid in college. Sorry.


Nope, I’m still in the Matrix. Don’t care to leave it, thank you.


Dang that’s deep
Yet too deep for me to comprehend


Assemblage point?
The world is as we are…a dream for the waking.


I’m not able to do it when I please, but there are instances when I’m given hints in my dream that I’m, well, dreaming and I’m able to manipulate my dream from there on.


Oh, yeah! lol Nearly every time I dream or obe in my sleep now. Get you a piece of moldavite. It helps tremendously! I’m out and about and very lucid constantly now. It has gotten to the point that I am so lucid in both states that I can’t hardly tell them apart any more. Okay. Word dream or dream world? Overcoming the world dream is removing yourself from the world matrix and being your own energy grid. Is that what you are saying? Ascension is very dependent on being your own energy grid. As we are living more in the higher vibes with each day that passes, yes, my consciousness sees beyond the world dream. The sky takes a quarter turn, the stars, planets and moon are so much more brilliant and bright and so much larger. The sun is almost white. I hate it when it shifts back to lower vibe. Everything is so pale in comparison. The world dream is the lower vibe from what I’ve experienced. Didn’t mean to make my answer so long, but I wasn’t sure which way you meant. lol

Flobbs Flubbs

Flip flap flapjacks! Flip flap flapjacks! I’ve had spiritual communion with the all-spatula, I’ve consulted the Universal Misses Butterworth’s! I’ve sat down to tea with the ethereal Aunt Jemima! Do you have any bloodmoss on you?
Patty Cake, Patty Cake, baker’s man. Bake me a virtual machine monitor, a hand-optimized compiler, and a codebase of 19 x86 assembly files.

Natty Threads

If you are overcoming it in your consciousness you’ve already lost.
Bless up.
Btw, Kali eats babies.

Mysterious Panda

Hello Operater…
I’m waiting at the exit point…
Call me quick, Smith is after me 🙂


In certain ways I am very much in love with the dream so I love dreaming this beautiful dream and dont wish to waken myself

banjaran~~happy new year

no …if it could happen i will be creating new challenges that are in line with what i love, developing space in my life for challenges that will move me in the direction of my other dreams.


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