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Have you found meditation a help when it comes to dealing with your stress levels?

Has it helped where conventional treatment has failed.


  1. Definitely. It takes awhile to learn how, but is well worth it. Choose the same time, same place to meditate if at all possible.

  2. hey! When it comes to relaxation and dealing with stress, you can say I’ve tried everything. I’m a psychologist and i hope i can help you with this question. Meditation is a good way to decrease your stress levels but there is one little thing about it: it only focuses on the fact not the reason! I mean meditation lets u relax for a while because of the serenity your body is feeling (techniques and respiratory exercises, etc). However, it doesn’t focus on why you are feeling stressed, therefore it cannot help enough because you will be feeling stressed the next day and so on…I think meditation is efficient for daily stress which is not considerably strong (work, housework, studies…) but if it’s on a higher level (frequently with associated symptoms) meditation will only work on the fact. Psychoanalysis is the best way, in my opinion, to discover stress reasons and to get rid of this negative energy… but it takes time and cost a lot. Cognitive therapies are a good solution too. 🙂 Hope i helped and stay cool!


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