Have you figured out: YOU ARE A DIAMOND?

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humans are Diamonds powered by the Rainbow from the Sun!…
..that’s what Jesus really meant. If I you were, I would listen to everything I have to say.
Your thoughts?
For example: The base-chakra is Red…when activated it turns White
The sacral-chakra is orange…when activated it turns green
The solar-plexus is yellow…when activated it turns Violet/Gold.
the Heart-chakra is Green..when activated it turns Pink/Blue/Yellow. (the Trinity)
The throat-chakra is Blue…it stays Blue.
The Brow-chakra is Indigo..when activated it turns Violet/Green.
The Crown-Chakra is Violet, when activated it turns: Golden-White

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I have some brown “diamonds” I’ll sell you. Don’t mind the smell. That’s just all the chakra magicks.


Cool story, bro.


Thumbs up if you’re reading this in 2011.

Mark Woods

Yes, alright. But what about Yin chakra? I want to cast Genjutsu 😀


well thanks but we will die. Diamonds wont.

Adelaide V.

I thought you were going to say something about carbon. How we are carbon based, as is a diamond.


We are indeed prisms of light and as God shines through us we reflect the rainbow . God is love and light but most people have not given this that much thought. Each facet or face of the prism is another aspect of God lighting our lives.


i thnk ur rong, we r humns mde buy god !

Hellova Stoner

Yes, I am diamond, now watch me cut this glass with my finger. hmmm ouch!

Turn it up! Bring the Derp!!!

Well hey!!
Shine on!!!


I’m just an old chunk of coal, but I’ll be a diamond someday.

displeased with this

Well I’m found near red stone and magma.

Jesus Anti-christ V

then why did corundum cut me it’s a 9 on mohs scale of hardness which is lower than diamonds

Roger the Alien

what the hell is wrong with you man?


I would not like to be a diamond. They are cold, hard and lifeless. That is not what God wants us to be. That is not what I am.

Be Blessed Today

Your explanation makes us “Diamonds” how?
Diamonds are diamonds and people are people.
I think.
Be Blessed:-D


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