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Have you experienced this? Telepathy?

I’m gonna explain it as easier as i can:
I was talking to my dad and this thought popped to my mind, i was going to talk about that thought but i ecided not to, but then my dad talked about it without opening my mouth, Is it telepathy?


  1. Yes surely. this is telepathy. when you think something will happen and it does happen, without you doing anything….is called telepathy.

  2. I’m still skeptical but it seems to happen quite a bit when I’m around someone a lot. It seems like it takes me a while to “tune in” to someone.

  3. No, this is just a coincidence, and not a very amazing one at that. When two people know each other very well and they are having a discussion, it’s certainly not unlikely for similar thoughts to be triggered in each by the conversation.
    Just last night this happened with my wife and I. I had an idea of what to do for the weekend, and before I could tell her, she described the exact same idea. Telepathy? No. It’s just what happens when two people know each other well.

  4. This makes for a good experiment. Get your Dad to set aside a few minutes, then you (or he) thinks of a colour, or a number between 1 and 100, say, or a particular room in the house, and see if the other person can guess it correctly.
    Do this, say, ten times. Note how many times the other person gets it right, and how many times they get it wrong. If the number of times correct is significantly above chance, it’s worth exploring further.

  5. Hi Cranberrydude. True story, I found it very funny at the time. I was living in Topeka, Kansas and desperate to connect with someone other than the “typical” type of folks I found living there. I went to a Metaphysical store. A quiet, gentle, man was working in the back. He approached me and I could “hear” him.
    Now some of this is typical sales practice, your responses could be expected. I heard him NOT say, hello can I help you? He didn’t say it BUT I responded outloud, “Hi, no thanks, I just stopped in to look around.” He smiled, nodded, and walked away.
    As I neared the back of the store, he was attentive, but didn’t interrupt me. I saw the apothacary cabinet and I said, “Oh good, you have herbs!” He inhaled as if to start a sentence but I HEARD what he was thinking. I said, “Oh good, I have to wait until payday anyway so I’ll come back for the special.”
    He reached for a pamphlet under the desk and I said, “Oh that’s okay, I wrote down the store hours from the front window… unless they change for the summer?”
    His mouth was hanging open as he just slid the paper with SUMMER HOURS on it. I walked out just smiling to myself, having totally enjoyed the entire experience.
    I can easily “read” those I am extremely close to, but ths was unusual to be so in tune with a complete stranger.

  6. I am almost as good as caller ID,
    my friends think of me, then I call them to see what they want.
    some were scared of me at first, but now they all expect it.
    I am not sure how it works, except that is seems to show up as a memory of the future, example memory,
    “mike wants me to call him when he gets to his truck to drive to work in 3 min.” pops in to my head,
    so I call and he says I was just going to call you, I am on my way to work.
    I think it might be a time not being linear thing.

  7. My husband constantly tells me to “get out of his head” 🙂 I believe we are all connected energetically and so, especially when we live with the person on a daily basis, we feel that connection very strongly and just naturally pick up on their thoughts and feelings, if we pay enough attention.
    Two examples I can give are growing up I was constantly finishing my mom’s sentences for her…she would begin, get stuck on what she was trying to say and I would finish her sentence and she would say thank you I needed that. 🙂
    Another is just the other day, I had bought a roasted chicken for dinner, as I was cutting it up and giving it to my kids, I felt my husbands presence behind me and I said, you don’t think there will be enough for all of us, don’t you? And he said, well, it looks like it might not be…and I said, it’ll be enough, not to worry. We still have left overs in the fridge…
    that’s just the way it is 🙂


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