Have you experienced the kundalini? This is over 3000 years old, and available to all.?






The kundalini is fascinating, and I am fortunate enough to have experienced it naturally. Apparently there are drugs that may open this section of the brain, but if the mind is not ready it can be devastating.
Just after my experience I connected with a neurobiologist. As we discussed our experiences, we found them to be so similar. We came to the same conclusion, independently, that the kundalini is a neurological expansion of the brain waves not normally accessed.
I never used drugs.
It is incredible. It is not Satanic — it is physilogical. It is not the Holy Spirit.
I knew that LSD was used in the mid-late 50’s by Tim O’Leary’s crew, but I also met people who had taken too much and practically fried their brains through other decades.
I am very sensitive so I would never chance drugs.
It is a physical experience, and very similar to what Lulabelle experienced; I didn’t realize that the power I felt was apparent to others, so I’m glad that most of the experience was alone.
There is a point when the neurons in the brain open — the biologist and I through work determined it to be the lower right quadrant of the brain just above the stem.
It’s my brain-expanded.
The Kundalini has been depicted for thousands of years as a rising serpent. It is the rising of knowledge through the spine, or as previously mentioned, the chakras.
A physiological event that opens another section of your brain for more brain power is significant. It’s not actually something you believe or don’t believe — it is a fact.
This takes nothing from God; in fact, I was praising the Lord when I experienced the kundalini. It went on for hours, and my first reaction was the same as many others — I didn’t know what was going on. After the event is when I began the research to know more.
Kundalini FAQ:
I experienced the kundalini about 10 years ago — but the enhancements to the brain’s abilities are there and I think they continue to evolve.


  1. I am convinced that Kundalini is what the christians are actually speaking of when they mention the Holy Spirit.

  2. Available to all, but devastating if you’re not ready, sounds great – but wait – add in drug usage and it gets even better.
    Yes, we know that the mind is easily manipulated into believing all sorts of things and can even manufacture fake memories. I think I’ll stick with empirical evidence.

  3. The kundalini originates at the base chakra, my brain is on the other end of my body. If you have experienced this recently expect to spend three days experiencing each chakra…. the affect is somewhat similar to menopause or a hormonal imbalance. The effect is profoundly life changing and many can’t understand what is happening to them.

  4. From the research I’ve seen, Kundalini is the power of man’s own spirit, stolen by satan and sold back to us at an inflated price.

  5. I’ve been practicing yoga for over 20 years and can have kundalini experiences at will. These experiences are very similar to those induced by drugs that act on the receptor sites in the brain called NMDA Receptors. The most notable of these drugs is ketamine. Large doses of psychedelics such as DMT or LSD will also affect those receptors (along with a lot of other things, too… they are not nearly as single-minded). The psychiatrist Karl Jansen researched the similarity between kundalini, Near Death Experience, and ketamine… Look for his book, if this idea interests you.
    Traditionally hatha yoga, raja yoga, tantra and various other yogas were used to rouse the kundalini energy. Rousing the energy is the first step and can happen in a flash. Learning to direct it can take years.
    The writer Gopi Krishna described his own horrifying experience in learning to balance and use kundalini. Personally, I thought it was a lot easier than what he described – but I’m a patient sort and allowed the years to do thier work. (Now I’m old patient sort who can direct his kundalini!). I guess everyone is different in this as with everything else.
    Ultimately, I don’t think it is a really mystical thing… it is something that happens physiologically… yet it can be used for many wonderful things. Healing might top the list. Changing the world might be right up there, too.

  6. I was in the presence of someone who was studying it and experiencing it and you’re right about having to be ready for it. After spending twenty minutes with her, I began feeling increasingly dizzy and nauseous. I had to get up suddenly and run from her and I had no time to give an explanation because I was about to pass out.
    When I got about twenty feet away from her, I felt instantly better, and not just better, but I felt that her overpowering energy had taken my crooked, scattered energy and concentrated it until it burst into a billion particles, and then it came back together in perfect alignment. It was an incredible high that went on for hours. I spent time with her again many times after that experience, but never had another episode like that.

  7. I’m not one who gives credence to the existence of spirits or gods or other mythological (from my point of view) beings.
    While there are those who DO believe in such, I am not one.
    That said, I’m not familiar with the term “Kundalini”. However, I’ve noticed how people who do believe in spirits find inner peace when they pray – I attribute it to psychosomatic responses within the person themselves. When stressed – we pray – we find relief. God??? Personally, I think not. Rather, the relief we find simply is when we no longer stress over a situation we’ve given off to god.
    There are many things we do not yet understand about the brain, and all the things it is capable of. Whatever you’ve experienced, I wish I could find something to ease my stress. I have no god to pour my problems off onto. I must find another way to deal with them.
    I don’t mean to take away from anyone’s belief in the Deity’s. Rather, I respect anyone who LIVES by the things they PREACH. Nothing more contemptable than a fake christian.

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