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Have you experienced the ability to 'talk' to someone with eyes and nonverbal?

…it is amazing that the others can pick up on the exact thoughts and reflect them back at you. This is the proof that telepathy can exist!(humorously)
Seriously, what causes some people to be so good at this.. I’ve noticed the people really good are lecturers of some sort that deal with a good sized group of people regularly and for a long time.
Grain of salt, what a helpful comment


  1. What passes for esp or telepathy in most cases is learning useful skills about non-verbal communication. One can often “read” a roomful of people if you are observant enough and understand the nuances.
    I “ad lib” a group each week. I often go with the “mood” or “feel” of the group. On further analysis, this comes from having an understanding of people.
    People who are hypervigilant are usually more skilled at this although it is something anyone can learn.

  2. A few friends that I grew up with, and a few people I went to college with. We just knew each others mannerisms so well, we knew what the other was thinking.
    As for those who can do it with a large group of people they don’t know well, I guess it’s a gift. And lots of practice.

  3. Have you ever been in a conversation where a person doesn’t listen too you at all. It’s like when you are talking the other person isn’t listening, but instead, is thinking of the next thing he or she wants to say. That is what is happening most of the time especially when people are drinking alcohol. Most people don’t even listen to what the other person is saying so how can the even start to understand the more subtle non-verbal communication? Most people are always listening to the voice in their own mind.
    Meditation can help you to “shut off’ the voice in your own and listen and see what another is trying to communicate. Some people do this naturally, but nowadays there are so many many meditation techniques that you can learn and that teach you how to simply listen and observe.

  4. Various factors exist. One is the fact that first and foremost thoughts are mental vibrations. Being so, they are vibrations of energy. They can travel. Combined with some other factors, and there you have it.


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