Home Discussion Forum Have you experienced telepathy and empathy close-up?

Have you experienced telepathy and empathy close-up?

What I’m asking is: Have you had telepathic or empathic thoughts, ideas, or feelings with/about a person within a **close** physical distance?
Have you experienced these things personally?
Please, don’t include long range telepathy or empathy. Those are another question altogether.
**Note: I have not stated my belief or disbelief in these things**
@killroy – Feeling feelings, sharing feelings, feeling thoughts, sharing thoughts, – telepathy and empathy vaguely defined, in a semi close physical setting – no more than half mile away (physically). If people *do* have this kind of personal experience, they will know how to define it.
@Christina – how exactly? Could you give me a sentence or three? Which, thoughts, feelings? How strong, urgent, weak, hateful, loving. Etc. I don’t want deepest darkest secrets though 🙂
Angelina, not Christina…
@Wolf – Since it isn’t an easily observable phenomena by anyone’s standards, the closer the distance the better the story is. I don’t mean “psionics” necessarily either.
Sorry for not clarifying that well. I don’t mean on-cue, thanks for pointing that out.


  1. You have to remember that when you talk about psychics The are over 30-50 groups of people that fit into the psychic category…. So what type of psychic experiences are you talking about….

  2. Yes.
    I have a brother and sister who live fairly close to me. I have had times where I knew that my sister ran out of something in her kitchen or my brother was thinking about something. But then as we got older- it became stronger. We knew when eachother were sick, when we were sad, and then when something in our family was going to happen.
    Now- my brother lives on the west coast, my sister lives overseas, and I live in the midwest- and we still feel eachother.
    But as for people outside of my own family- yes.
    I have walked into a room before and have felt fear, sadness to the point of crying, or the remnants of someone telling a joke! It is physically draining. I have also known when someone is pregnant and what they are having and have been about 98% accurate on this count.
    I think that it is mostly something natural that we have inside of us- but most of the time people do not pay attention to it and explain it away 🙁

  3. I’m not sure why distance would be an issue. If psionics is real, then the force carrier would have to be a mass-less particle, which would give it up to a light-year’s distance before losing definition.
    psionics = making psychic phenomenon appear on cue
    but I guess this isn’t a question of semantics

  4. “I am the VIP,” exclaims the Thought.
    “But You are not happy!” exulted the Sympathizer.
    “I see Your watch is broken,” ended the Thought.
    “Yeah!? Well . . . . At least It’s a Rolex!” puffed the bemused Communist.


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