Home Discussion Forum Have you experienced past life regression therepy?

Have you experienced past life regression therepy?

I am looking for people who have used hypnosis as a healing process for their fear. Have you experienced past life regression therepy?
I present a positive living radio show and am doing a show based on this topic…guest speakers welcome…


  1. I will be doing this shortly myself as after extensive self analysis I have found certain fears that logically shouldn’t be there, given my life (in this incarnation), to date. It will probably be several weeks before I get around to it though.

  2. I work as a Hypnotherapist and find that usually people return to ‘past life’ experiences quite naturally if this is what they need in order to heal. I would strongly recommend going to a reputable general hypnotherapist – who will definitely have an understanding of PLR rather than a so called passed life or regression therapist, mainly because it is important that your therapist knows how to assist you when you actually do find the cause of your problem rather than expecting that as if by magic just knowing what it was will make it better. Simply knowing can be cathartic but does not always lend itself to long term positive change.

  3. I have experienced the past in dreams and what they mistakenly call the future, I don’t think however it is anything spiritual. At the beginning of life on Earth there was the sequence of night and day, both had their equal part to play in our survival. Until we know all the workings of the subconscious all we can do is guess. I have 35yrs studying this subject, all you will achieve is a backlash from every quarter.


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