HomeDiscussion ForumHave you experienced higher dimensions of consciousness?

Have you experienced higher dimensions of consciousness?

And if so, what was that like? What did you take away from it?
To read about your real experiences would be interesting.


  1. Technically Meditation, Daydreaming, Dreaming and (Some) Drugs take us in a “higher dimension” of consciousness.

  2. A few times in the early 70’s with a little help. It was interesting by and large, but I am glad I gave those things up.

  3. No, but God has expanded my view of creation. I now know how time works and God has taught me much more. But this is a thing only God can do, man can not. We all can know God if we just ask for it.
    take care.

  4. Yes. Many, many times.
    It would be futile to attempt to explain what it is like. It is something that needs to be experienced to be understood.
    What I took away from it is the understanding that reality is far more wondrous and bizarre than most people ever realize.
    Addendum: Dead Sea Troll – “I drank 1 and 1/2 bottles of Robotussin and became a war.”
    Could you clarify what you mean by that?

  5. Yes, more than once. I’ll tell you about one experience I had while living on Molokai, Hawaii. I was quietly meditating on the beach with my eyes closed. When I opened my eyes, everything (and I mean everything) was surrounded with a very bright, very beautiful white light. The entire Island of Lanai was surrounded with this light; every single tree and plant that I could see near me and far away was surrounded with this light. It was not around man-made structures, but it surrounded everything else outside that was created by God. It was an amazing experience that happened to me only once. I once read a book about a monk who sees it all the time though. It was a very pleasant and peaceful experience that I would like to have again.

  6. Yes, there are mushrooms that are often used for this is spiritual ceremonies (however they are illegal in much of world). I have taken these several times for spiritual reasons and have taken so much away from the experiences
    What happens in these types of experiences is your boundaries dissolve, there are walls in your mind that can me knocked down in other words. Sometimes memories and emotions come flowing in to your awareness, so you are free to explore the subconscious part of your mind.
    There are much higher levels one can be, the must extreme is merging with the godhead. There feeling of existing forever in pure love and light. I recommend everyone have at least one psychedelic experience in their life, because there is so much to learn from them. Even in the bad trips, bad trips happen when you come out of your ego and see what a piece of dirt you have been. So you are overcome with feelings of regret and pain. End up crying and crying, very spiritual experience as well…letting out all this built up pain. Start screaming and yelling, remember your ancestral roots, sit like a primate would. Also, some fear and anxiety. Visionary beauty as well, enhancment touch. Creativety flow.

  7. Sometimes when I’m playing beer pong (beirut), I like to try and engage a higher level of awareness. It usually doesn’t work, but this one time I did this pretty much every shot and went undefeated for 9 games. And on one of the shots I think I blew a psychological gasket, I wound up whipping my head to the side to break off whatever was going on in my head. Like there was some kind of recursive build up in my visual processors or something, and my sense of visual self location got parsed wrong, and there was a contradiction or something. lol.
    Serious Answer: I don’t feel the need to ponder some metaphysical dimensionality or levels to “consciousness” in response to moments of inspiration and feelings of heightened awakeness and drug experiences and that simple partial seizure I had that one time. They are what they are. And trying to see how many “I’m conscious of my consciousness of my consciousness…” I can keep on my mental plate all at once definitely doesn’t equate with some kind of fundamental levels of consciousness.

  8. Yes, or at least I think so. I felt as if the thing that I thought of as myself, went away, as if it was an illusion. At that moment, I felt like I was connected to everything and everyone implicitly. I felt like the whole universe implied my existence. What did I take from that experience? Well, mainly that the ego is an illusion and has no power over anything. It is a feedback loop created by self consciousness and language. There is nothing you can do mentally to get rid of the ego, because all attempts would be the action of the ego, and it is powerless.

  9. Yes, it was as if I was looking through the eyes of the Master. In that moment I was the Master sharing His consciousness. The feeling of love and sadness was exquisite. The sense of responsibility was overwhelming for me. I have pulled back quite a bit ever since.


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