Home Discussion Forum have you experienced any astral travel , out of body situation that...

have you experienced any astral travel , out of body situation that was successful?

if so which technique , and what did you see/feel?
please only serious answers


  1. When I was around eight years old, I may have had the most realistic dream where I traveled to another place. I don’t know if that was astral projection because it never happened again.
    I felt all the surroundings and I was engaged in a conversation with someone. I still remember that experience and it was a very long time ago.
    C. :)!!

  2. I had it happen one time and it didn’t occur through any deliberate attempt to do it. It appeared as if some person who was delving in the dark arts actually summoned me there in the middle of the night.
    It was a terrorizing experience because for a few minutes I seemed to be a prisoner of some kind of perverted sorcerer
    No joke. I came right up out of my body and traveled through a dark, swirling tunnel and landed softly in his place. There’s a lot more to it

  3. I do not know if it was the drugs, or a true OBE. I was staring at the ventilation system from my hospital bed. I thought, Im so tired of this room. I kept looking at the vent, and found myself in it, floating thru the dust. I kept going into the wires of the electrical system, seeing sparks rushing past me. I felt tingly, but it didnt hurt. I heard lots of conversations as I went further around. Finally I found myself floating above the roof of the hospital.

  4. YES, yes! I have experienced this a few times.
    I find the best technique for me was trying to project in the morning, right after waking up. Your body should feel relaxed yet refreshed enough that you don’t fall asleep when trying to project.
    Make sure you focus on leaving your body, allowing your mind to be completely clear. Lay there untill you start to feel a tingling sensation to occur throughout your entire body.
    Don’t get frustrated, keep trying over and over again.
    For me, when I had the actual OBE, it felt like there was a rushing noise comming towards me, along with a very strong tingling sensation all over my arms and body. And at that moment I felt myself being lifted from my body.
    My only advice is keep trying! If you stay focused you will be able to do it. Keep your mind open.
    Here are a couple of sites with more info for you, check it out!
    Good Luck
    Good luck!

  5. I have a several times where it tried to happen but i stopped it. Recently I was going to sleep and all i did was close my eyes and i saw a gray swirling tunnel .i thought it was just my eyes so i opened then closed them and the tunnel came back and even more vivid. I figured it was an obe about ot happen and I thought maybe this time i should let it happen. Then i heard a voice try to tell me something but i was too terrified to hear it .All i heard was” you will…” and i opened my eyes. I would say i was in a deeply relzed state and not at all sleeping since i could open my eyes so easily and move around. i had just layed down


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