have you experienced a spiritual awakening ?

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what are some symptoms of it ? what’s the end goal of it ?

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I wake up with one every morning.

yo ^_^

I woke up this morning and I was alive… it felt good. The end goal is when you don’t wake up.

Vintage Barbie

Spirits do not exist (i.e. consciousness does not transcend death). So, the term “spiritual awakening” is null.


Acceptance and


i experienced your wife boy was she good.


I had the greatest spiritual awakening of my life when I came to the firm realization that there is no god. It was like a weight had been lifted off of my chest.

Gorgeoustx Go Spurs Go!

Well sort of.
While attending an Assembly of God church, I was shown just exactly what Christianity is all about. Bigotry and ignorance does not appeal to me, so I walked away for good.
I am not sure about the existence of a Creator, but I have no doubts that the ignorant bigot in the buy-bull is man made.


When I was 13 I saw the world in a different light, it was weird. I truly understood the Earth as an experience of a spiritual matter, rather than a physical. Symptoms, pain, love, etc. Goal, the lesson learned from it. How it made you a better person by the time you’ve died. How your soul has progressed in the process. Sure immature atheists will respond with hatred. Jesus said to let them hit you in the other cheek, once in the first. Beauty is behind the lines. Read.


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