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Have you experienced a spiritual awakening, and has it changed your life?

Once upon a time, in my youth, I was a selfish, single minded person, who thought the world owed me. What can I get out of it. What’s in it for me. But then I woke up and found the more selfless I am, or at least try to be, the richer I become (on a spiritual level, not money-wise). It took a choice for my eyes to open. As though “Destiny” itself stood right before me, and said, “carry on, or change, your doom is your own”. It wasn’t a one day event. My eyes (spiritual eyes that is), seem to open wider each day, but I remember well, the moment it started. And I’m glad I made (and still make) that choice.
Has anyone else here experienced this, “awakening”? No TD’s from me, and thanks for your answers…
straight to the point. Thank you
Thank you for pointing out it is the ego that softens, as the spirit is already awake. Well said.
Breath on the Wind:
You might have something in that we could “wake up” by choosing to follow a particular interest.
I have heard about the rainbow children, indigo and such before, but does it mean that those born outside those times are doomed? Or even that those born within, will succeed? I am unsure if more are spiritually awake, or whether we just here more about it because of the media. I am also unsure about whether they would take positions of power, because as far as I know, most who wake up spiritually, tend to steer clear of the power game, but then, I might not have looked hard enough. It has given me something to think on…
єνα~ is missing India ™¥:
It doesn’t sound corny. It was a good respnse. I enjoyed reading it.
I am unsure if that is really spiritual, or if it would be classed as one of the arts of majick, but it reminds me that there are things which happen with people that we rarely, if ever hear about.
Thank you for the edit and for opening my understanding of how, through a simultaneous, is that the right word (?), mass awakening, we are indeed becoming more accepting and at one with all that is…
thank you also for your response, I was not deliberately ignoring it. But no, I do not think we have been “jipped”, as the benefits, spiritual and beyond, are echoing around the world, louder and deeper, with each passing moment…
Thank you for your insight. It is, as all of them are, read with interest and gratitude that you took the time to answer. A silly daydream it may be, but do not those silly daydreams, help people strive for a better self and a better world?


  1. So you don’t have any benefits from your spiritual awakening other than ‘spiritual’ ones?
    Sounds to me like you’ve been jipped..

  2. .
    Yes, I’ve also experienced a spiritual awakening and my life has changed because of that.
    The changes in my life were same as you described in yours…Now open-minded, much more self-focused, awareness of oneness of all, etc.
    What I additionally came into awareness of is that my spirit IS and has ALWAYS been “awake”. It’s my human ego that softened, lessened to the point that I became aware of the spirit that is and has always been there.
    It’s the illusion of this human realm experience seen through to the reality that is realm of Onelight (God).

  3. In a life dedicated to a spiritual quest there can be many such spiritual awakenings. As a spiritual life tends to involve conscious self improvement, it may even be possible to make choices that favor such things.
    But I have often speculated that the person who pursues money or drugs or study or even fame might also have similar awakenings appropriate to their area of interest. They also can have their life “changed” as they become more tuned to their interests. Right or wrong this keeps my sense of perspective, but it also begs the question of whether some areas of interest are “higher” or “better” than others.
    Certainly what we are about seems best when we are in the middle of it. But do we try on different interests like a jacket or dress until we find one that we find particularly appealing? And then ultimately might we discard it for another?
    It is tempting for those with a spiritual bent to be rather smug and give a resounding, YES! and conclude that all people will end up with a spiritual perspective (that they have already found.) But I suspect it is more like grass growing than one tree. Individual blades of grass are connected to a common Earth and reach for a common sun but in between they are separate blades that can grow in any number of ways. Some may grow in the shade while others need the full sun in order to thrive. Some perform best with lots of water while others can survive with very little. It is a current understanding that a beautiful lawn needs all these kinds of grasses.
    …….Any daydream that causes you so much introspection and that you are able to share: if not the dream or the “awakening” at least the sense of seeking …. is not silly. Rather it is a modern sort of miracle. It is a miracle that allows to change our consciousness from wherever it was to some new height.

  4. the test group that was studied were some of the children born in the 40s and 50s.
    they were a success so we decided that we needed more like them. no doubt they were ridiculed…they had to fight..to protest..they have to escape their own minds and they did it beautifully.
    the second wave started being born in the early 80s and from here on out its gonna be a different world. the new wave was born to question everything in existence..they fear not new world…they are not bound to the ways of the old. they are like nothing ever experienced before. a meshing of the ancient ways of the past combined with the physical mastery of the present/future.
    as those born in the last 30 years start being in positions of power we will see great change in this world.
    its wonderful isnt it??? so much to learn. so much to change.
    what a great time to be alive 🙂

  5. I’m not exactly sure if I’ve completed awakened, but I remember that I used to be an angry, lonely teenage girl. I too, thought the world owed me something. I was always looking for people to bend over backwards to please me or make things easier. I also had a completely wrong perception of the world. I thought that there was only one purpose; to grow up, have a family, work a job that you hate your whole life and then die. I thought I was doomed for this path just like everyone else, doomed to be sad and mediocre because life was dull and ugly.
    But then one day, as my family and I rode through the deserts of India, the sun stood suspended in the vast, clear sky with streaks of flaming reds, pinks and oranges streaked across it. I looked in front of me where fields of golden mustard sprung out of the dry dead sands and a flock of birds cooed overhead. A beautiful Bob Dylan song about everything changing poured out of the radio and my brother reached his arm around me in an embrace. There was something about that moment that just felt infinite. Like I was suspended in time and nothing in the world could ever make me happier. My heart opened up and let in more beauty and love than I ever knew existed. I will remember that moment forever and would like to think that is the first day when things changed. When I knew that some greater power existed out there and that everything was going to be okay. That I could keep my heart open and learn to love and be happy in just existing. That life was not dull or ugly, it was alive and beautiful!
    I hope this doesn’t sound too corny, there’s no way you can put a feeling like that in to words. I am still young and have much awakening and growing to do, but because of this I look forward to each day with promise 🙂

  6. Well when i was 10 my father thought me his arts . Now im 16 and stopped practicing because i do not have time . But about 3 years ago i tested my father . I was angry and wanted him to prove it that hes not wasting my time . He drove me to a building . We went in and it was my fathers friend . But my father was his apprentice . He asked my father to sit out and he took me in a room and told me things no one knew . He told me whats bothering me , What dreams i had recently , he told me that you will have a hard time and it will start in a few months and it will end after a year and a half . He told my secrets , the ones only i knew . He told my about my friends and what they thought about me . He took my thumb ,put black paint on my nail and started mumbling something . A few minutes later i could see faces and places . He again read something and i could here voices from hundreds of thousands miles away . I was shocked and asked for forgiveness from my dad that i insulted him

  7. No, I have never experienced a spiritual awakening. I think that what others would regard as a spiritual awakening I might call a silly daydream.


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