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Have you ever wondered about your own consciousness?

Like, how the only view you get in this life is your own? There are so many different conscious beings out there and you only experience one view. Ever wonder who you, as a consciousness, would come from? Like, if you father and mother never met, would you be living with your father and a different mother, or your mother and a different father? Ever wonder what might have changed in your own personality, or if you, yourself, would even be conscious and see the same way, if a different sperm cell from your father reached the egg before the one you might have been did? Imagine a million altered personalities that you could have had because of the sperm cells, and only one got there.
o.o being conscious is radical.
Another question; have you ever thought that our consciousness isn’t part of our body, and our body itself isn’t who we really are, but we are our consciousness. Then our consciousness ties into the body and we incorporate both our consciousness, which takes control of the body, and the bodies feelings and desires? I then feel like I am controlling this body that I need to take care of and the body is my slave, rather than vice-versa. That could tie into religious matters, too, if you thought about taking care of our bodies because we don’t own it, and we’ll eventually separate from it and go into Heaven or whatever you believe in and leave it behind? (Not getting religious or biased, just bringing more thought into this).


  1. I think once a baby is born a soul is put into she/he. That alters the brain’s conciousness. If not, what could possibly do that?

  2. – Yeahhoo P – That’s just being greedy!
    I often imagine that this entire universe of ever expanding matter, is in fact undiscovered in somone’s wardrobe.

  3. I know exactly what you mean. I was adopted, so there are definitely many other possibilities my life and my personality could have been. When I think about what could have been versus what I have now, I just say to myself that I am where I was supposed to be. This is the consciousness, the personality, and the life I was meant to have. So I don’t think about it too much anymore, but I did when I was younger. You were given the life you were supposed tio have.

  4. Which makes me extremely special and privileged. A highly developed consciousness is the mark of a superior human being. I work on my consciousness and sub-conscience daily. Everything on the planet is random, yet operates with intelligence. I try to be aware of my space and study different points of view, but I will never understand the power of that which creates; therefore, I do the best I can with material that has been made available for me to understand.

  5. well what you speak of is a rather novel idea…but let me assure you, that had there been a different sperm or egg involved in the process, you as aperson would not exist, it would be someone else…
    to remark on your question of consciousness…we as humans have the capability of different levels of conciousness…think of the level of enlightenment that comes about after proffessionally coaching and counless hours of meditation…we can actually achieve a higher or different level of counciousness, far from our everyday selves…i do highly recommend it.
    take care.

  6. yea..and sometimes i also wonder what it would be like to be crazy. like that view of the world would be all tripped out and distorted and if you did become crazy, if you would even know it. for instance you could be crazy right now and not know at all and think you were normal..because of the fact that no one else can see inside your view. i think its kinda scary that if you lost control of yourself and appeared insane to the rest of the world..you might not even realize it…

  7. Oh, constantly! It’s one of the most fun things to do, and an endless source of wonder.
    Think about this sometime:
    Y’know how important events seem to stick in your memory? Your first kiss, your first bike, etc.? Well, don’t the small events always have formative power over your personality, too? Aren’t you constantly being influenced by every sight you see, every word you speak?
    Also, who is “I”? Are you the same person that you were 10 minutes ago? A year ago? At birth?
    Being conscious IS radical. 😀


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