Home Discussion Forum Have you ever used tarot cards? Did it actually work for you?

Have you ever used tarot cards? Did it actually work for you?

Like did it accurately tell you something about yourself that you knew for surewhat it meant and it is the truth?


  1. As you may or may not know, New Orleans (where I live) has a long history with VooDoo and magic so there’s stores everywhere down in the quarter. So yes, I have tried tarot cards. I do believe there is something to them. Also, I had this game or whatever the hell it is. I think it was my grandma’s (anyway…). It’s pretty old. It was called “INSITE” underneath it said “is it a game or the future”. It was pretty much the same concept as tarot is guess. It had a board with regular playing cards though, and a big book. After you shuffle you lay the cards on the board in order. Each spot was for something different (like home, family, hopes, several others…..you get the pic.) The book would tell you what each card in each position meant (this would be your reading). And that “game” was so freaking wierd! Everyone who played it had the most amazing readings. It was so accurate it was scary!!! Now that game, I totally believe. You had to it was always accurate! That’s my experience…..

  2. YES to all your questions
    Jose V’s thinking that the card meaning are vague and that is why it works is so far from the truth.
    Each card has a defined traditional meaning that can be built upon by one’s intuition and experience.
    Some cards have similar meanings but are focused on different aspects in life.
    For example- the 8 of Swords is about being stuck, the 3 of Wands can also imply being stuck.
    The swords card speaks more of the mental barriers in one’s way of thinking, where the wands is about having taken action and now waiting for some results.
    I have done long distance readings for others and I can see things in the cards like a baby that was born and then dies, and that this happened a long time ago. I also saw what part of the year the baby was born in.
    When I first started doing long distance readings, I was hesitant about communicating what I got from the cards, but I went with it, trusting my intuition and when it came back that I had been accurate, it gave me the reassurance that I needed.
    Tarot is accurate, but only as accurate as the readers abilities.


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