Home Discussion Forum Have you ever tried past life regression?

Have you ever tried past life regression?

What method did you use, and what were the results?


  1. The past life experiences I met with were via meditation.
    #1: I am back in the Dark Ages, there is a village surrounded by a stone wall, I can hear the people speaking, the wheels of the carts as they rumble over the rough road of the main street. I am a scullery maid dressed in a drab, brown, rough cloth dress emptying a bucket of kitchen slops into a drain that runs along the edges of the main road. Behind me is the stone building that I belong in, the head of the village lives there.
    Experiences 2, 3 and 4 are all related to each other.
    #2: A room of stone blocks, decorated with Aztec symbols. In the center is a fire pit, and above this pit there is a round circle open to the sky in the ceiling…the full moon can be seen. Around the fire pit, men and women dance around, the women dressed in white tunics, symbols around the sleeve cuffs, neck and hem; the men have white cloth around there waist, also with the same symbols on the hems. Looking towards the back of this room, there is a steep set of stairs leading upwards, at the top is a stone throne, and there I sit. I am wearing a white gown, similiar symbols upon it, my skin is brown, my hair long, straight and black…but the face is mine. Upon my head I wear a wolf’s cowl, and upon my lap lays a cat, purring, and as I stroke it, the cat’s fur changes colors. I know I hold the position as high priestess of these people.
    #3: I am standing near the edge of a cliff, looking down upon land that is fertile, being farmed. I am dressed the same as in #2, holding the cat in the crook of one arm, stroking it, it purrs and its fur changes colors. I am smiling, looking down upon the land, the people farming it, knowing that I protect it and them all. Life feels good, content.
    #4: This was sort of like a camera was on my shoulder, recording the event as it unfolded. I see my arms reaching out, my hands moving tropical plants aside as I’m walking through a jungle. Then it opens up to the stone temple, the ancient symbols upon the walls. I walk through a doorway and enter the room described in experience #2. The cat is there, sitting upon the floor, watching me. I feel like I am finally home.
    I believe what hit me the most about these experiences was the sensory perceptions.

  2. I am currently trying to use self-hypnosis, so its pretty much just meditation, I keep getting pictures in flashes of a little girl with short blonde hair and brown eyes in a yellow dress with a stuffed dog. I get the feeling that her name is Sammi, but that’s all I can tell so far, its very vivid and I feel alot of affection towards her. Another picture is an old blue truck, maybe a ford, but definitely old like 40’s or 50’s maybe. Its sitting on a dirt path outside of a brownish building (a barn maybe?). No feelings with this one just a flash of a picture. I really am just starting out with this though I’ve only been trying to regress for 3 months and have trouble with focus during my regular meditations, at least im getting something though.

  3. the first life i already knew about. i was a dragon.that’s all i really know about that life, except how i died. i was killed by a knight that was trying to make a name for himself. i found out later that his life went even worse than it had before. (HA-HA^_^)
    the next life i remembered in a dream. i was a samurai warrior. the only thing that i got from that was my final battle. i don’t remember which group i was fighting for, but i was involved in a battle against another group (of which the name i cant remember either) but what i do remember is that they had a warrior who was a general. he was the one who killed me, he slashed me up the back, but not before i gave him a scar up the entirety of the right side of his face (hes still p!$$3d off)
    the next life i was told about by a very good friend of mine. i was a roman gladiator. it was a terrible experience, but i kept on fighting. i was the best in my class. in fact, the only reason i died that time is because the emperor or whoever was in charge wanted to see me die. they sent out a person who turned out to be my friend’s past life. he was the best in his class and i was the best in mine.the battle raged on for hours. the only reason i died was because i gave up. if not for that, the battle would have raged on for days(no exaggeration).

  4. No. This is absolutely ridiculous. This woman I worked with said she could do that for me, but I knew she could not do it, and she owned up to it. She said she had done it for another woman who worked with us, and that the woman had been shot by her boyfriend who was in the Mafia. I asked her if it was in her past life or now. She laughed and said, “this life.” So, it was really a scam. Don’t believe that.

  5. I don’t believe in it, I would run into the parts in my past I have blacked out and I do not want to do that, they are spaced in my memory for a reason.

  6. My most successful result was with regression through self hypnosis. The details were amazing. It was like watching a movie of not only my life but of those closest to me. I’ve had spontaneous visions and views through meditation of many lives, but they were more like flashing glimpses. I also thought it interesting that even though I lived 3 times in the 20th century the life that I visited was in the mid 1800s. I was there with my husband and our best friend. I now understand the reason for why I went there. Sometime I may try regression again. There is another life that I am particularly interested in but I’m not sure if hypnosis will take me there. It was a beautiful existence and one I would like to relive. I do believe if it is relevant I will find my way back to that magickal time.


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