Home Discussion Forum Have you ever tried Lucid Dreaming and/or Astral Projecting?

Have you ever tried Lucid Dreaming and/or Astral Projecting?

If so which one did you do?
Which one was easiest to accomplish?
Which one do you like better?
What’s the difference between Astral Projection and Lucid Dreaming?
What was the coolest Lucid Dream or Astral projection out of all of the one’s you’ve had?
Thank you!


  1. I’ve had a few lucid dreams in my life, and while they were pretty cool I’ve never been able to do it on purpose. On the other hand, astral projecting doesn’t actually work – if you think you’re going anywhere, you’re just imagining it or dreaming. If anyone could really do that, it would be easy to prove (‘astral project’ yourself into my apartment and tell me what book is lying upside down and open on the third shelf from the bottom of my bookshelf) and they’d be able to win millions of dollars for proving it. So far, no one has.

  2. Lucid dreaming, for sure. I did it a lot when I was a kid, and still a little bit from time to time, if I’m not too tired, and wake up at the right time to remember it. There are some good books on lucid dreaming. I included 2 out of many, but these are my favorites. The first is more of a creative guide, to help you to begin to lucid dream by keeping a journal. This helped me a lot, when I was able to keep up on it. I was able to control a lot in my dreams, like knowing when to wake up or warn myself of potential frightening things. My best lucid dream: throwing a spear with a sponge-like tip about 3 football field lengths (and seeing through the trees to watch it land), then opening up the ground to an elevator that was plush and took me in all directions. Never did astral projection, only heard about it from number Stevie Wonder recordings.

  3. Both. Lucid dreaming just happens on its own for me, its pretty cool, but really not as fun as you would think. Astral projection is a little harder but is pretty much the coolest thing ever. I may like lucid dreaming better if only because its easy and not disorienting. Lucid dreaming is just a dream you are aware you’re dreaming in. In astral projection you just ‘project’ yourself out of your body, whether its into another body, a ‘light body,’ etc. I can’t really name a ‘coolest one.’

  4. Both I can lucid dream and when I was a kid I would astral travel and hurt people but as of now it gives me great insight on how they think sense I practically am a spirit in the general sense.
    Lucid dreaming astral travel is awesome but very frightening at times I sometimes physically float around the room this is the onset of it.
    I have woken up floating and fell on the floor I also have been conscious completely and did all of that.
    Lucid dreaming is the direct control of your mind at its most basic levels and is very advanced and cannot normally be done by anyone.
    What I meant there is that your mind at its basic level is as intelligent as any person awake now. You can do anything you want in that world including having photographic memory or induce astral projection and anything you have ever been exposed to as well as things that ingrain like astral projection and telekinesis.
    Some times when you astral travel other people can see you. As I stated earlier you can attack people. I would meet those people later and only one out of the 3 that I have met I told was me and I knew details that he never gave out but only me and him knew he lived half the country away (USA) and I told him what his basement looked like the bed the smell the detail of the carpet and the grey stone work the carpet how it didn’t cover the whole basement concrete the underside of the bed and what he looked like as a kid (he is one year younger then me). All in all I know its true my knowledge is all that I have gathered as of recent. This is scraping the gauntlet.
    How he got better was an understanding of the spiritual world around us. This world is poison to a spirit that’s why there are soo many bad ones. The bad energy we put out makes them and some use it as a track for existence (Ie: they become what you think not always purposefully in essence but they are aware and are still evil but only as a train is if its about to hit you give it a direction and its your friend or it leaves you alone) a track as in they follow it to absorb the thought processes that keep them active in this universe.
    Some can completely transcend all of this and basically achieve something that is akin to Buddhism.
    Odd right?
    Religions can all be correct.. we make vortexes whenever we have a thought those are the energies the spirits follow (not all of them though some have complete free will and can be good or evil but in extremes of both) anyway these vortexes we create make actual beings that do in part to what they where programmed to do.
    They are real and can be helpful but nonetheless they are exploitable by people who know this in depth. They know that it is a lie and can use it to feed off prayers and the like, I am talking physical people that are doing this.. like the one using this keyboard.
    If you believe it can happen and sense it propagates it creates realities of its own cause it is belief and it believes in its self IE self propagation. ( you believe in your self and create thoughts right and create realities right? See how its fitting together?
    That’s how haunting s happen thoughts coordinate into actions that either spirits or the thought its self corresponds in accordance.
    Thoughts are spirits but only malformed ones they can in fact evolve but as a creature evolves it only turns to the niche that surrounds it.
    IE: evil thoughts that have good energy around evolve into creatures that are evil inside but slowly turn good vice verse as well as some are unclean per say and either need heavy coercion or to be destroyed or banned.
    Possibilities create the possible. Probabilities create the possibilities and the owner pays the piper.
    Ie: try to be good or it will come back to you unless you out weigh the imbalance. Ie(again huhlol) you need to work off karma but all in all you will be ok.
    Now here is a twister… there is no hell or good or evil just cause and effect. Cause in reality there is no way you can be judged for things like sins and such without that occasion of judgment being evil.
    Think precognition if you have it realize that everyone around you really has no free will you may think you have more but have you ever had two visions where you change one but the other that came before the vision you changed came to pass?
    Yeah you have no free will you just know you don’t lol but you are supposed to if there is a god he doesn’t judge that is insane to judge straight paths for being followed as being straight instead of being crooked zigzag etc…
    The underlying framework is this you are fine whatever happens wouldn’t have been any other way it is simply the saying of the ages working for all of us…. we are like dust in the wind.
    Good song right?
    Have a good one may your fate be well whats the point? Was I supposed to say it? No… cause there isn’t oh I did no there isn’t.
    lol you can fry your noodle if you really think about it but are you supposed to? Whe

  5. Levels of soul coherency and awareness influence where one goes.
    Outer waking consciousness;
    lucid dreams;
    soul awareness travel.
    There are degrees of lucidity, and levels of soul attainment.
    Here is a list of increasing soulfield coherency.
    “The History of Last Night’s Dream,” Rodger Kamenetz, Ph.D.,
    “Dreams,” Marie-Louise von Franz, M.D.,
    “The Master of Lucid Dreams,” Dr. Olga Kharitidi.
    “Watch Your Dreams,” Ann Ree Colton.
    “The Masters and Their Retreats,” Mark Prophet.
    Reviews at http://www.amazon.com

  6. i astral project.
    no i cannot tell you what book is laying face down on your third shelf from the bottom, no i cannot go where i physically have not been before in the physical realm. no i cant hear you. but i can see you. i leave the feeling of being watched.
    i’ve protected many friends while atrally projecting. they knew i was there, and i could point out details before they told me what happened.
    i prefer to visit other planes. like air and water for example. but wikipedia is right, its subjectful and hard to prove because the instances vary with each individual for we all have different strengths and weaknesses.
    but here in sources are the differences between the two

  7. One is real, and practiced by millions of people every night, and the other is bullshit pseudo-science. So it’s a little strange that you should group them together.

  8. Lucid dreaming is something almost anyone that remembers their dreams can do. You become aware you’re dreaming and manipulate the action. You may fly or meet people like dead friends or your favorite celebrities, just about anything. Of course, it’s all in your imagination. Astral projection is not so real. Some people actually believe they leave their bodies. They even boast about it on the Internet. You can believe them but ask yourself. Why don’t they do anything practical with the ability? Like find lost kids or help out in mine disasters. Keep an open mind on these things, make people back up their boasts.

  9. Yes, but it was a long time ago and I havent been able to do it for about the past 15 years. Don’t know why that is.
    One memorable one, which I was very pleased with at the time, involved me projecting myself along the corridor and into a student room at the end of the corridor which was not yet occupied (the student who was meant to live there was from overseas and was arriving later than the rest of us). I had never been into this room as it was locked. I noticed that there was a fault with the window, the pane of glass was cracked in the corner, and the handle that you use to open the window was broken and had been fixed using adhesive tape.
    After that I came back out and went from projecting back into normal sleep again.
    When the student finally arrived a few days later a few of us helped him bring his luggage and books into his room, and amazingly enough the room was exactly as it had been when I projected into it. Same broken window pane, same broken handle fixed with sticky tape.
    And before everyone jumps up and down saying “made up story” or “you’re talking crap” or whatever – I don’t know exactly how it happened, and maybe astral projection IS a load of garbage. But the fact remains that I actually HADN’T been in that room before the alleged “Projection” occurred, so I can’t work out how I could have known about specific features of the room just by dreaming about them.
    Very strange.

  10. I lucid dream about OBE’s. Once I realize I’m dreaming I try to leave my body and have a look around. I have done it intentionally 2 times now…but it was just dreaming. What I thought I was seeing was not actually happening.
    One time I did have a really cool dream that Jesus came to get me. I actually felt angels pulling me out of my body. When I realized what was going one I screamed, “I’m not ready.” Then I woke up. What was strange is I actually physically felt myself being ripped from by body.
    Anyway I have been lucid dreaming since the 3rd. grade. I am 50 now.


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