Home Discussion Forum Have you ever succeeded in doing anything using imagery or subconscious mind?

Have you ever succeeded in doing anything using imagery or subconscious mind?

What was that?


  1. What do you mean, like sitting in a coffee shop, drinking coffee and watching a worker on a scaffold painting…then throwing a thought to him asking him to put down his brush, turn around a full 360 degrees, then pick up the brush again and continue working…and follows the directions implicitly.
    No.. it’s only rumor

  2. My boyfriend was going to teach me how to drive a standard transmission. The night before I had a dream that I was driving a standard without any trouble. When the lesson came he was pleasantly surprised as it seemed to be an easy thing for me. I thought it was cool I didn’t embarass myself grinding gears or stalling out the engine. He also taught his best buddy. I did better than the buddy.

  3. I have done a few things using my visualisation and subconscious. It started for me when I read the book ‘mind power’ by john keho.
    A few examples of this are that in the past 8/9 years since I started I have passed both my car and motorbike driving tests, travelled the world, gained 4 advanced level qualifications, got a job doing exactly what I wanted to do and found a woman to share my life with.
    there have been more ‘smaller’ achievements along the way also, too many to mention. I am presently still studying towards getting a degree which I will have completed in a few more years.
    Before reading that book (amongst others) I was kind of depressed and hopeless, pretty miserable really. It really is amazing what can be achieved. All it takes is a little belief, ambition and determination.

  4. I use it all the time to remember names and retrace my steps to find lost items.
    It’s also quite useful in developing new methaphors, similies, and such.

  5. My kitten was in a vegetative state due to a high temperature brought on by a cold. The vet said he (the cat) wouldn’t make it through the night. I did a healing spell (which as you know spells are simply a way of verbally communicating your desires to the world) once every night for three nights and not only did my kitten live through the night but with in two weeks was his old self again. Four months later he is a perfectly healthy little kitty.
    Thank you for reading my answer, here are some links to check out from me to you:


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