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Have you ever stood next to someone and felt the energy or vibe they give off?

People have different auras and different vibes ranging from positive and optimistic to negative and pessimistic. Have you ever felt vibes coming from someone? Please…no rude or sarcastic answers. Thanks.


  1. What you are saying is very true. I notice that whenever i’m on a bus and i stand next to a girl there is nothing (it probably sounded a bit weird but just so you know i’m straight). Anyways, when i stand next to a guy 18-25 there is this warm aura that you can actually sense on you skin. (i’m 18).

  2. I don’t know about vibes but I do appreciate people who seem interested in what I have to say (I know, I know, we’re not all that fascinating). By doing that they make me want to know more about them and their interests. I think simple courtesy may have a vibe as you suggest. Anyway good question! If you get my vibe! heh! heh!

  3. Yes, I can sense things like that. I do wonder if I’m just reading body language or if there is a scientific reason this occurs though.

  4. Hi there,
    Yes I have. I find it pretty interesting especially when I get to know them and realise I was right with the gut feeling about them.
    Hope this helps 🙂

  5. I was once introduced to a woman and immediately felt as if I was being forceably pushed away from her in a repellent way. This had never happened before. Usually I get good vibes from people.


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