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have you ever read the bible so much you started seeing visions or feeling what you read?

I have I started trembling and crying. I was terrified I started hearing voices slightly after telling me to do things. would you call this spiritual awakening? what is the last stage of spiritual awakening? whats the real benefit besides faith?


  1. No, this doesn’t seem right to me
    Have you prayed to God about this?
    Hearing voices isn’t right
    The real benefit of reading the bible is that you get God’s thoughts on things, you’re reading his word to us.
    If you apply God’s thoughts in your life, your life will be much better

  2. I think you better catch a flick or something…some miniature golf…go fishing….maybe run over and get checked for schizophrenia….they get excellent medications.

  3. I’ve never had that happen, exactly.
    I’ve had visions, yes, mostly of what’s going to happen when the prophecies in Revelation are fulfilled. I saw it all, as if from above, and outside of time.
    I’ve never been terrified. Even seeing the fulfillment of prophecy in Revelation didn’t frighten me.
    I have “felt” what I read, but it’s more a result of the descriptive language. I could picture things as they happened. It’s a funny feeling to stand in a house with Peter, while he’s sharing the Gospel, lol, or to be amongst the crowd when Jesus fed the five thousand, or to actually be there when Jesus was teaching.
    And that, to me, is a spiritual awakening.
    What you’re describing sounds nothing like even what the disciples experienced.

  4. i was at a revelation seminar that was so intense, the pastor really painted a good picture in every ones mind, and did it so well, it seemed like most of us was watching a movie…but be careful, hearing voices? sounds to me like the devil may be playing tricks on you.

  5. No and I doubt reading a book can bring a honest euphoria more like a hysteria brought on by what, I don’t know,maybe because I am English my self control and emotions are better than yours,we don’t go in for all this whooping and a hollering hollywood B/S……


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