Have you ever purchased a scrying mirror and, if so, would you recommend the seller to others?

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I have always heard it is best to make your own with a little plate glass and some black paint.

chris j

buy a regualr mirror and charge it for scrying yourself.. if you do not know how to do this, then you have no business scrying.
if you are simply looking for a fancy mirror to charge as a scrying mirrio then look to azuregreen.com or another such pagan site.


nope i’ll be watching. sure you have that spelled right?


If I had a clue as to what you were talking about, I’d attempt to answer your question.


I’ve never purchased one, but one was given to me as a gift. It was eventually broken during a move. I wish I knew the manufacturer, though. It was pretty nice. It was a large jet-black mirror surrounded by wooden runes. It’s kind of an interesting choice of a gift for a non-Pagan like myself, but I thought it was rather artistic and intriguing, and I appreciated it. I wish the moving van guys hadn’t been so careless. They shattered it.
There are (or were) people selling scrying mirrors on eBay. It might be worth doing a search there.


there real is no need to buy any fancy products
a plain old mirror works just as well
better still a bowl of water
anything that is still and clear works well for scrying

richard k

You can’t buy a scrying mirror, you buy a mirror then consecrate and enable it yourself. If someone else does the the ritual, then they will be only one(s) able to use it. If you don’t know how to do the rituals yourself, then you have no business messing around with that kind of tool, a whole host of things can go wrong. Take this from a Druid has had, more than once, to clean up someone Else’s mess.


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