Home Discussion Forum Have you ever prayed and got exactly what you so desperately needed?

Have you ever prayed and got exactly what you so desperately needed?

Many attest to the power of prayer. I don’t mean the “whatever will be” variety but those truly amazing, effectual prayers. There once was a visualization expert in New York who attempted to explain that prayer is effective because one constantly shows the subconscious mind what is to be created. In time, the manifestation takes place. Is there really magic in believing? Share your opinion or experiences…
Obviously, there must be a metaphysical effect within concepts like hope, faith, belief, etc.


  1. Yes, I believe that believing in the healing power of prayer is what heals. God does not choose to heal one person, but not another. Rather, the greatness of one’s conviction has healing power.

  2. Never, but I still believe in the power of prayers.
    Most of the time I don’t get things right away but ultimate result is good.
    may be I don’t have enough faith.

  3. I needed a place to live, and health care, and I was able to get both, even though I was supposedly not eligible. I was literally out on the streets, and living off of others. You have no idea how grateful I am to those people who took me in briefly. They deserve a lot of thanks, which I have done. But I thank God for answering my prayers.

  4. I have had prayers answered in the way you mention above. But typically I pray in the form of this is what I really want but if it is not in your (God’s) will change my hearts desire. I think to some extent there is validity to mind over matter and the concepts that you can change your environment based on your attitude and mind set. However, I believe in miracles also and prayer is very powerful because it is like saying to God I give you permission to work in my life. God wants to work in our lives, to help us and heal us so when we ask its that much more powerful. Sometimes my prayers have been answered in ways I didn’t expect, but they are always answered. IMHO

  5. Yes but it took a couple of years. Prayer doesn’t always change the world, but it changes us so that we can adjust to it. It does not make the world easier, but it makes us stronger.

  6. Yes, I’ve prayed and gotten exactly what I wanted many, many times.
    As for the power of postiive thinking, or the power of suggestion, yes, I believe these things play a part in someone getting what they want.

  7. Yes, many times. One time I was very nervous about making a speech. I prayed for confidence to do well. I was nervous until I started speaking, but suddenly I was completely at ease! Prayer works. I have many experiences with it within my own life.


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