Home Discussion Forum have you ever performed a successful magick spell. can u please describe...

have you ever performed a successful magick spell. can u please describe what happened?


  1. I took a rat tail, a drop of blood from a baby boy, the root of a turnup, and some sugar. Boil it in water for three hours, then strained. Say the magic words “LA LA LA LA” really loud, then spread the mixture all over your body. It will cast a spell that no girl can resist. Try it.

  2. As “magick” doesn’t exist (with or without a ‘k’ at the end to make it look more mystical), what you’ll get here is a lot of deluded nonsense from idiots with under-active intelligence and over-active imaginations

  3. I spelled this prayer from my very heart and it worked, Try yourself
    To receive Jesus pray from your heart ‘God I am a sinner & believing that the Jesus died for my sins on the cross & was raised for My Justification. I Do Now Receive and confess Jesus as My Personal Savior.’

  4. I roasted some special magic beans, then I ground them up. I boiled water, let it cool a little, and poured it over the ground beans. Filtering out the bean residue, I obtained… a warm invigorating brew!

  5. Magic as in waving wands and yelling silly weird-sounding things doesn’t exist.
    However, there is the gentle intuitive manipulation of energy in desired direction which can be learned. It requires no wands, coloured candles, weird words or similar knick knack. I have practiced much of the latter and achieved quite some results, too.

    • Hope you are well.
      Please can you share the gentle intuitive manipulation of energy in desired direction.
      I would love to learn the above, I be very grateful if you could share this with me.
      Please let me know what results you had.
      Thank you

  6. I filled up the dishwasher with dirty dishes and then added detergent. I then closed and locked it and pushed a button,next thing I know my dishes where being cleaned without me doing a darn thing.
    now, if that isn’t magic I don’t know what it is

  7. By the way magic is real and it is forbidden in Islam.
    Basically there are 2 realms our realm and the Jin realm (Jin is the other word for spirit, in aladdin they called him jinni), magic occurs when the one from this realm contacts the jins, by the way jins have abillities not like humans they can fly and do other things so if the human contacts the jin and tells him that carry me up, they will do it in return for a favor (in the cartoon aladdin you’ll see him signing a contract) then you can see him fly for instance or possess other people or get girls and so on.
    one of the most famous forms and powerful magic is the kabala (jewish magic), search for it for more info.

  8. please ignore the stupid answers on here. they are ignorant fools.
    Yes, I have performed successful rituals before. I would be more than happy to tell you about them, but I’m not going to type it out on here. (thanks to the idiots who would only ridicule my answer)
    email me if you want to know more.
    Ave Satanas!


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