Home Discussion Forum Have you ever opened up the Kundalini fire...and do you regret it?

Have you ever opened up the Kundalini fire…and do you regret it?

( just wondering who else out there has this ..control and i would like to tip my hat and say NAMASTE’ to ye ! )
( …and I have also heard rumors of people accidentally opening the floodgates without the skills to “shut it off” and was wondering if there is really anyone who would regret such a gift)


  1. the only regret was that i did not do it consciously! though now I’m trying to do an obe. the kundalini fire really brought into perspective the reality of the multidimensional beings we really are eg, the fact that these experiences are just a dream, the universe is a very big play ground and how I’m a spiritual being first and a mindboby second. it’s the beginning of ones awakening. the realization that we are much more than our senses allow know. this awakening may take life times or just years or months to a fully awake state. it all depends on the souls passion to grow.

  2. No,and if I did,I am not certain I would want to remain on this earth after staring God in the face. I think attaining this aura could be dangerous to a person`s mortality unless he has become a disciple. I have heard that a person can be “bathed”,or “swathed” in the fire of Kundalini only if he is in control of his more base and human urges and emotionality,or those same lesser “human” characteristics could become extremely intensified and cause severe mental breakdown. Kind of scary stuff. Not for the amateur.

  3. I experienced something remarkable when I was 20 years old. I felt a very powerful surge of energy fill up my being. It felt kind of electrical in the sense. It was almost too much for my body to handle it. Once it was over, I broke down crying and shaking. I felt tingles all over my body. I did not understand what was happening or what it was.
    That period 18-20 was one of my spiritual awaking periods in my life. I experienced so much psychic phenomena all at once. It was like I blew wide open.


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