Have you ever met someone you know in an astral travel?






Ive heard that you can set the intent to meet a person you know in your dream plane. Have you ever done this? Does the other person really have the same dream? Can you met someone you dont know?

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  1. After my Grandfather passed away…I met my Grandfather on the Astral Plane. That was years ago, and since then I got married and my husband told me that he met my Grandfather as well in a dream. I think that it is wonderful that even after he passed away, he is still watching over me. 🙂

  2. I’ve always heard that if your dream is so real and you can see yourself, like your a different person watching. That is astral travel. I have done this many times but the most important one for me was a year ago my firend was killed in a car wreck, the day of her funeral, I had dreamt that I was waiting for her at a airport. When she got off the plane I told her I thought she was dead and she laughed at me and told me she is much better where she was at and gave me a huge hug, that I could honestly feel.I had felt guilty when I heard she had passed because we lost touch and she only lived 10 minutes away. I woke up right after our hug ended, and kinda had a sense of calm come over me. Like that was her way of getting to me and letting me know she was ok, and that there were no hard feelings g to visit.

    • Oh my god I had the same dream! Same story, almost, my friend died last year on a car accident and like a month later of really suffering and feeling guilty for not seeing him often even though he lived in the same city now and used to live far I dreamt that he was flying a little airplane and I was with some friend at my backyard, he came down and got out, walked to us, I was in shock and told him “we thought you were dead!” He said no no, I said “so you’ve just been flying all this time, I miss you” and he said “I’m ok, I’m fine and I miss you too, I’m not dead, I just don’t live here anymore” and hugged me like we used to everytime we saw each other but this hug was longer and tighter then I woke up very calmed and this dream helped me accept this tragedy, talking about it makes me cry, and I always wondered if it was a real visit or just a dream my brain created to make peace with it because my sisters dad visits her in her and my moms dreams often and think maybe that is how he looks over them or maybw htey are just dreams but the similarities of your and my dream make me feel it was real and that’s how they say goodbye to us? I don’t know, I keep wishing for one more hug, the 24th will be a year of his death, I’m sorry for your loss and I’m sure she was amazing and I hope they are having a ton of fun up there, maybe even be friends and we’ll join them later

  3. I have done astral travel to see people I know. My friend guided me into learning how to do astral travel. She gave me the names of people to find that I did not know and I was able to see what they looked like and describe them.
    One can do this by going to the astral plane, ascending the staircase and going through the doors. There is a great hall there, sort of like a huge library, it is known as the hall of askaic records. It holds the books of everyones lives and you can view people by finding their “book”. That is how I have done it anyway. One may only visit the astral plane if they pray and hold that they will do no harm and will not use the plane for personal gain.
    Also astral travel is different from dreams. But one can learn to do guided dreams and to go to the same place as others in dreams. One group that does this goes to the “crossroads” you must dream that you are at something that looks like a train station at the dream crossroads and then wait and see who shows up.

  4. My best friend and I are business partners in the alternative and complimentary therapy fields. Our energies are so closely linked that we often meet eachother there.
    Even after years of doing this, when we chat the next day and start to say, “Hey, were you …..”, it still makes us laugh.
    Yes, you can meet lots of souls you don’t know. Intention is everything in energy work. We’ve helped many clients we’ve only “met” through the internet or telephone while traveling on the astral plane. Follow-up phone calls confirm our impressions.
    Cool, huh? You gotta’ love this Universe.

  5. No it doesn’t happen.
    No one can astrally project. People that say they can are either dreaming or halluciating. Many occultists claim they can travel out of their bodies and go to distant cities, foreign countries, the spirit world, other planets, or even travel through time. Some books on astral projection recommend trying to attempt this when they are asleep and “realize they are dreaming”, or before they go to bed, which suggests what people are experiencing are
    probably just dreams. The Magic Power of Witchcraft recounts one Wiccan who experienced Astral Travel while high on pot, another explanation of what Astral Projection really is. If Wiccans could really do this with the frequency and ease as they claim (there are dozens of titles on Astral Projection out there), it would be easy to prove.
    A simple test could be set set up where some one projects themselves into a locked room nearby and describe the contents, for instance. But no one ever will.
    Anyone who can do it would go to James Randi and collect the $1,000,000 reward. Astral Projection is a product of the 19th century, namely from Theosophy. Huckster medium H.P. Blavatsky claimed she was in contact with “ascended masters” in Tibet via out of body travel. She wasn’t, she was a fraud.

    • “People that say they can are either dreaming or halluciating…..”
      Yes for most people that’s when this is most likely to happen. It is during your sleep state or under the influence of drugs that your most relaxed, open and receptive to it. Not that I condone the use of drugs, I am purely a natural girl. Unless you are naturally sensitive, if you want it to happen at other times then it takes a lot of practice. That’s just like saying nobody can cut open a human body with a scalpel and fix it, thats either emergency surgery or elective surgery!!!! SAME THING!
      There are many great sites on the internet to learn more about your dreams. And when you find that yours will reflect back to your everyday life (past, present AND future), It’s amazing what you will discover!!

  6. I did just last night, its the 3rd time this year. I met a person who I have treated very badly in the past (out of fear) and I wanted to get a message accross to him that I couldn’t do physically. I went to his house and told him I was deeply sorry for hurting him. It felt very special when I came back, though I have no way of finding out if he remembers the dream as he is not open to this and we have ceased communication. But I know he has recieved the message on some level.
    some people think that astral travel/OBE is the same as lucid dreaming, but for me they are very different experiences. I know when I OBE/astral travel i become conscious at the moment I am shooting out of my body at great speed, usualy before I have reached the ceiling and the environment is exactly the same as it is in the physical reality. From there, thats when things (time/place/plane) start to change and the awareness and clarity of what you are experiencing is like no other. Last nights was a little different as I became aware just as my soul was leaving the body and I could feel the vibration (sensation) throughout my body preparing for the take off. I am not able to control when it happens as yet, it happens when I least expect it and I think it is set up by me at an unconscious level as I know I cant set it up consciously at the moment as I have a tendancy to try too hard.
    With lucid dreaming, for me, I usually become conscious in the middle of the dream and then start to try and change things. I usually try and take off and fly but often I cant completely change the scene of the dream, i just become conscious in it and start controlling my actions. Afterwards when I have woken up I dont usually feel like I have seperated from my body. Where as with the Astral travel I have definately taken a journey out side of my body.
    For the sceptics, I probably would have had the same attitude before it started happening to me…..open up a little:)

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