Have you ever met or seen someone with a truly evil aura?

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By aura, I mean a vibe they eminate when you’re around them.

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Sammy G

No I have heard about evil people in the news of course but I cant say I have ever met someone with a evil aura. Sure ive met people who rub me the wrong way and I feelthere is more to them than meets the eye but I have never met someone who has what I would call a sense of evil about them.

black death

what does a evil aura look like?


I wouldn’t know an aura if it bit me on the leg, but I’ve met some people who seemed not-quite-right. Mostly all the evil that they ended up doing, as far as I know, was generating the kind of stupid drama that shows up on daytime talk shows.


No, a person’s aura cannot be evil. They can be under an evil influence but that influence will only have the power the person lets it have.
Have I met people who do evil things? Of course. And I have met a person how embraced the evil in life full in the face. It’s not pleasant.


It may not have been TRULY evil, But once i was at the mall, shopping for chrismas presents for my friends by myself, and i looked down the wing i was going and noticed this guy. Being nice, i smiled at him as he looked at me from across the hall. But, as our eyes met, i felt an instant pain. I winced a bit, and when i looked at him again, he eyes were directly locked on me and his hand was directly at his throat where the pain had erupted in me. I got so scared that i started shakeing, and as i started to walk away quickly, all i felt was his eyes watching me and this heavy, threatening force around me. I swear, it was one of the weirdest and scariest times of my whole life!


Yes. My mother has one. She lies all the time, and was very mean to me when I was a child. At a very young age I could feel the evil, and the mader she got, the worse you could feel it. I think she left traces of her evil afer she left, because you could still feel it, and at times it manifested into some one yelling my name, and felt at times like there was some one watching me. It was all evil energy.

Mike H

I have been told i have an evil aura…
Could be something to do with the fact that i am a worshipper of Seth and Sekhmet from the Egyptian pantheon… But oh well.
There is a difference. Some people can be thought of as evil, but all we truely believe in is will of the strongest or some such thing. Believing that it’s fine for nature to only allow the strongest to live isn’t evil, it’s more neutral tbh.
Jomamers: What you described is something that many people who have practised black magick for a long time would be able to pull off, so it is likely he was to be considered evil.


Yeah, my little bro


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