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Have you ever met any being (ghost, spirit, soul, astral projecter) in your OBE or astral projection?

I’m just wondering if you can astral traveling, there must be another traveler out there as well. @~@ Have you met anyone?


  1. There are beings at all levels.
    If you get out of the body, you will find a highly populated realm, no matter where you go.
    Al the best to you.

  2. You might enjoy the remote viewing accounts of meeting others. A series of experiments to this effect has been conducted at the Monroe Institute. Two viewers are assigned the same coordinate, and they relay what they are seeing in real time over headsets to a controller, who listens to both from a third room. There have also been contacts recorded by U.S. mililtary viewers with Soviet viewers, who sensed their presence. Ingo Swann talks about this in his “Penetration,” and Mark Prophet gives good descriptions of encounters in his “The Masters and Their Retreats.” Ann Ree Colton’s “Watch Your Dreams” and Dr. Olga Kharitidi’s “Entering the Circle” and “The Master of Lucid Dreams” also worthwhile.

  3. Yes I have~
    I astral traveled and met a spirit woman and we hugged as if we knew one another. I thought at first it was just a dream, but then I met her, she came for years to help and guide me through some bad times. I believe her to be either or both my spirit guide and twin flame.
    During the time my spirit guide made herself known to me, I was able to astral project more. There was this one man spirit that would come around and harass me and my son. He was at the foot of my bed when I astral projected, I was able to see him, I went after him, grabbed, through and held him on the floor. I yelled out for help, and my guide Erica came to help me rid him. He never came back to harass me and my son. You see it was spirit to spirit, why I was able to grab him. I done what I never thought was possible. All things are possible in the spiritual world.

  4. Yes. I have met many beings. I am a shaman and often my work is done during astral travel or in other worlds. I have many aquaintences and friends there. I have, on occasion, met someone I already knew in this world as we both were OBE.
    Later we even talked about it.

  5. Yes, I have met many famous people from Abe Lincoln to Elvis Presley. The skies get awful crowded these days with astral travelers flying all over the place. I’m always bumping into someone in my travels. Last weekend a bunch of us went searching for Bin Laden. We almost found him but his astral projecting bodyguards chased us away.
    This weekend we’re going to try and help find missing kids again. Funny thing about astral projecting. We can’t seem to do anything useful with our amazing awesome power.

  6. I have been many places, to a waiting station where souls wait until they ‘figure out’ they are dead. The Akashic Library and book of records, where one librarian would help give me the knowledge I would need to prepare for the end times. I have been to temples and cities and have meet many others along the way.

  7. Hello ristinw,
    I’ve met many beings. When I was a beginner at astral projection, I met up with people from a website called “www.gnosticweb.com”.
    We were to meet up at the summit of Mt. Everest after out lesson has been completed. I and a few others succeeded in doing so.
    I have also met spirits. Both good and bad. I do have more fun with the bad spirits, lol. The good ones are usually teachers, well at least I think so. They have so much knowledge you could learn from.
    I’ve never met an “alien” spirit but I’ve never tried looking for them either. Maybe I should next time.

  8. All kinds of spirits engage on this level. Most would not want you there because you are in a realm which one does not belong because we have no authority over it, It is not our kingdom yet, so if you should meet up with an evil entity what recourse or help could you get to ward off such an attack.


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