Home Discussion Forum Have you ever known of angelic intervention in your life?

Have you ever known of angelic intervention in your life?

During the time I was seeking to be filled with The Holy Spirit of God, this happened. If you are familiar with punch presses, you know there is a handle which seats the punch tool onto the workpiece and a pedal which engages the heavy flywheel to punch the hole. Before the start of my shift at the factory I noticed a man sitting at a punchpress. It appeared that he was trying to punch a hole by pulling on the handle. I told him he had to step on the pedal, which he did. The hole was punched, I went on my way. In all the years spent in that shop I had never seen that man before nor sinse. He was at a machine before the shift began. As I walked away, that day, it struck me that I was doing the same thing in my spiritual quest to recieve The Holy Spirit. I was asking, asking, but was not stepping on the pedal of “faith” to believe I was “recieving”. I did, shortly thereafter. Considering all the circumstances of that encounter, and the effect it had on my life, I believe that man was an angel, sent by God to show me something very simple and yet very important. Faith engages the power of God.
What do you think?


  1. Yes on the Gold Coast Queensland ,Australia they have Meter Angels who put money in your parking meter to save you from being booked for over parking.

    Is what most people would say.
    But myself I have had serious interventions. God saved me from a drug overdose.
    One time I was going to get some drugs on a bike, and my friend was riding with me, it was dark and we were drunk. Then a car pulled into the intersection and hit me and I flew through the air. My friend looked back and said that it looked as if I was being gently carried through the air. I wasn’t hurt nearly as bad as I should have been.
    One other time there were 20,000 of us camping at a convention and a tornado came. We were told it was going to smash into us, but later the next day the report had come back that the tornado had split into 2 and came back together on the other side of the city we were in. (Oshkosh Wisconsin)
    That has only happened one other time in history.

  3. Several years ago, my wife was carrying a load of clothes up a flight of steps. She lost her balance and fell backwards down the full length. I was at work at the time, but she felt hands cushioning her neck in the fall, so although her neck was bruised, she was prevented from a more serious injury. To this day, she believes that without those hands cushioning her, she would have been paralyzed. I’m very grateful not to have gone through that trauma.

  4. If I saw such a thing? Honestly, I would go to my doctor and get a prescription for anti-psychotics. Someone I know would see his grandmother who had died long ago. He wound up in a mental institute for 7 years. Now is on meds.
    Take the meds first, then decide if it the Holy Spirit.

  5. My mom had gotten her diagnosis. The oral cancer had returned and formed a fistula under her jaw. She was hopitalized with infection and I told her. I prayed myrrh to her, by burning myrrh oil on a candle. That night she had a heart attack, and the next day had another one and passed away. She did not have to die of cancer. I know God answered my prayer and took her out of her suffering. She wasn’t ready to go until she knew it was hopeless.


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