Home Discussion Forum Have you ever joined consciousness with your higher self?

Have you ever joined consciousness with your higher self?

Higher self, or soul, whichever term you find more fitting.
Can you describe the experience? What were you doing that led up to the joined consciousness (meditation, vivid dream, reading/writing something spiritual, etc)?
Thanks to all for answering; all opinions are appreciated…I don’t thumbs down!
Love and Blessings 🙂


  1. your consciousness is the higher self, it is your or our ego that thinks that it is separate from or different from the higher self. In other words, your thoughts all of your thoughts are not yours. That in which you think you are thinking are not your thoughts at all… but in fact all are gods thoughts, you simply have to direct them. you think that you are your body, so all of your thoughts revert to your bodies needs, but if you analyze and direct your thoughts you will realize that your thoughts are not you’re own and that if you direct the thoughts in your mind (which are Gods) then you will be more empowered when you realize just what thoughts come from your inner self, and when you direct your thoughts positively, you will learn just how much you can do in this world.

  2. Happy are those who know they are spiritually poor; the kingdom of heaven belongs to them!
    To know that one is spiritually poor is the primary requirement to be born again. Normal human beings are not even aware that they are spiritually poor because as pagans they do not know that their human form hides the soul; and religiously pious people do not understand that they are spiritually poor because they still worship the deceiver. For the first time in history, here is the true meaning of this verse: One must know that being in the physical environment means that we have lost our spiritual sense of being, our spiritual heritage. If we can believe that we lost our spiritual heritage we are again in the position to be receptively taught our poor spiritual condition and thus can again accept the truth that reigns in spirit. Having attained that truth one will again be accepted in the true spiritual realm. This verse makes it clear that we cannot search for something if one is not aware that we lost that particular something.

  3. Hi there!
    I talk to my self as the third party many times. So yes I connect with myself on a higher basis most of the time when pondering something in life.


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