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Have you ever hugged a tree because you think it needs to get hugged?

Yeah, I feel like hugging a tree right now. But it’s raining.
Ayeh, will you join me in hugging trees?
Why would you care what others think?
Are you insecure?
Does the public’s opinion really affects you?
What do you mean?
Did I sound like I’m accusing you?


  1. I have hugged trees many times. I am a tree-hugger. When i have no-one to hug, i hug the tree.
    As they say…nature is the best.

  2. actually I never have, but I think I will try now. I never really thought about it before. But…they’re so sturdy, and reliable…everything I could ever hope for and more!

  3. Why do you feel like hugging a tree?
    Don’t you think we would look a little silly?
    Why are you falsely accusing me? 🙁

  4. Embarrassing to admit but YAH and i even once buried a leaf (“.)
    i was a hippy kid .. what can i say ..
    and now if i find a ant stuck in the tub .. i’ll help it out .. hmm ..
    it never had the time to thank me


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