Home Discussion Forum Have you ever had to remind yourself of who you are, spiritually?

Have you ever had to remind yourself of who you are, spiritually?

I think that I have had more than one spiritual awakening. This time, however, I am “remembering” how I was at various times in my life. The last time that I felt, really fully awake was about a year ago.
My father died last year and I felt truly awake, spiritually, and completely alive in my body. After he passed away, I obligated myself to my family and responsibilities that, on hindsight, lead me to becoming less awake and, in a few instances, really asleep at the wheel.
Now every day I am feeling more awake and aware. I am almost embarrassed because I do not know how this happened. Has anyone else out there experienced anything like this? Have you ever had to remind yourself, or have had reminders or who you really are?
Thanks for the condolences everyone! Death of the physical body is a part of life. My father passed away over a year ago now but today I am beginning to realize that I never had the opportunity to truly mourn my loss.


  1. sorry for your loss
    definately, several times,
    things such as a death in our close family or friends wil always lead us to queston ourselvs and all we think we know, and so lead to a journey of self discovery
    i have a few spiritual awakenings several times a year nowadays, soem small, some big, but i learn soemthign from them al
    why woudl you be embarased at being awake?
    thats soemthign to be proud of
    we all start off asleep
    i get constant reminders of who i am, always there to tell me, this isnt you, this is

  2. My condolences on the loss.
    Reminding is only at the level of thought that can never really reach/access. Either we are there or not there. Just be. Be in a state where mind at the backseat waiting for the order from the Being as the latter’s servant.

  3. Yes and just lately I have had to “pinch myself” to make sure it’s real! It’s absolutely wonderful!
    I am experiencing God’s Truth in my ‘spiritual life’, that is so far different from that which I was raised to believe – all my life! I am absolutely astounded~!
    Sometimes, the loss of a loved one does bring us closer to the Lord. I have learned, in my life, God must come First, before my husband, my six children, my eight grandchildren, other relatives and friends. He must be my focus, above all.
    I have recently asked in God to show me His Truth. I am so captivated and amazed by all I have learned so far! I just want to keep reading and learning more. There is so much to learn! I feel so blessed, so lifted and so strengthened…
    It does not matter who I am. But I am learning who God “really” is! 😀

  4. Yes, of course. I actually have a bookmark with reminders on it. It’s important to remember what we know spiritually, as what e. e. cummings termed “the dailiness of life” tends to creep in and the tyranny of the urgent displaces the truly important.
    At times of great stress or spiritual dryness, I have been known to ask a friend to “remind me of what I know.” Those things are also part of who I really am.

  5. One you have awakened the REAL YOU
    IT will never let you go
    Because ITS duty is to make you the best and in the order of universal order in the form of man
    Learn how to listen to IT
    IT had a big voice when you are young, but you pushed it and dumped a lot of concepts upon it so you have a sense that you are leading your life,
    Now its time to empty the concepts and hear its voice stronger again

  6. Ultimately this is what we all are attempting to do.
    We are coming to Remembrance of our first estate, our true nature.
    The road to that ultimate Remembrance is within.
    No one can tell you how you must proceed although those that went before us have left tales of their travels as a guide.
    But each must find their own way as we all walk the same path alone together.
    The learning is in the doing.
    Many Blessings!

  7. Grief has a way of enveloping you, and most people will understand that your loss has taken a toll on you. I lost my dad last December, too. When we are grieving, we’re almost in a tunnel vision because the emotions have not yet worked themselves out. We miss that perosn and there are things that you cannot resolve. When you dad was alive, you could go to him, give him a hug, and talk with him. Now that is taken away, and it can be hard.
    For me, it’s a blessing that my dad is now in heaven. Dad had alzheimers and passed on before it truly got to the point he no longer remembered our family. But, I’d still love to get one last hug from my dad. He lived 800 miles away from me, and I could not get there in time to say goodbye in person. I had to settle for hugging the casket instead.
    Trust me on this, you are starting to heal, and now you can allow yourself the time to grieve, because it is going to be easier to allow those emotions. Have you had a chance yet to say goodbye to your dad?
    In my faith, we believe that the body is merely the shell, and what was truly your dad was what was inside him mentally and emotionally. His soul is no longer in his body. Do you know where you dad is today? If so, pour your feelings and emotions into saying goodbye to him. Saying goodbye will never ever mean you cannot still remember the good times or that you will stop loving him. Saying goodbye cannot take away what was important about your dad and your relationship with him. It just means that you are releasing him to move on. I have this feeling that your dad does not want you holding on to something that holds you back. Give him to God.


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