Have you ever had to be recessitated or had a near death experience? What did you see ? How did you feel?

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If you have had to be recessitated , what did you experience? If you were ever near death , Do you remember anything? How did you feel? what did you see? God gave man the desire to live forever. God cannot lie or die. Why do you think that he would create you with this desire knowing that it can not be fulfilled?

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There is nobody …sane…to want to die…even in difficult situations or diseases…
Hope is always the one who dies last.
But…there are situations in life…for some…that make, help, that one to choose to make a great shift…to change what’s meant to be changed…so…LOOK Inside…
One can “die” as a metaphore..not as a suicide…but as NEW ONE who has emerged…so, it’s REnaissance there…
Not easy…but POSSIBLE…
Clean up every time wasters…every unsuitable persons/situations…get up and out of the PAST…keep the best…and builts(reinvent) the NEW BIRD…Pheonix…to go on…flying, and LIVING…in an Open Sky and landing only when it’s needed…not underground…but SEEN by WHO can SEE…only
The “mystery” is to be able to discover your own Essence…to go on with.
Some more is needed… to KNOW what’s your mission/role in this LIFE…what you can bring outside…from inside…YOU…all the time.
All of us can do something…but some can make a difference with what really have inside…That’s God’s Gift…
Soem things and people…NEVER DIE !


I flipped an ATV and broke 17 bones, went into a coma for three weeks, and was put on life support for 12 days. all i remember is thinking about my family, friends, and my girlfriend.


In 1973 my car hung up in a blizzard. I was several miles from shelter and on a county road, not likely to be plowed. Not dressed for the outdoors but knowing that my only option was to find shelter I got out of my car and started walking. As hypothermia set in I shook so hard I fell down, rested, then got up to continue walking. At some point God spoke to me, saying “Come on it isn’t far”. what seemed like an eternity I saw a farmhouse where I collapsed on the porch. The folks took me in and after stripping off my wet clothes wrapped me in a blanket and set me in front of a hot wood stove.
I had walked 4 miles in a blizzard to shelter, when I went in back that spring the house was a wreck, long abandoned. I have no explanation for the event except the intervention of a Higher power.


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