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Have you ever had such a "real" moment, that you thought you were loosing touch with reality, and going crazy?

I know this question sounds kind of silly. But last night I was lying in my bed, thinking about where I came from BEFORE I was born, and where I will go AFTER I die. Suddenly I realized that the answers to those questions, were as vague as what the “life” is, that i’m living right now.
So my question to you is this: have you ever fully realized that you don’t understand a thing about what life actually is, and fully started to freak out, while totally sober? I’m not sure if this has anything to do with the fact, that lately, I’ve started doing Kundalini Yoga quite a bit, and meditation after work to calm myself.
Any similar experiences?


  1. Maybe you should stop the Kunnilinga Yoga for a while and you will come back to the present and appreciate your time here and now.
    You were not anywhere before you were born…apart from your Mum’s tum and after you die you won’t be around to experience anything…now is all you have, the past is gone and tomorrow may never come.

  2. okay heres a story for you… i used to got o church every single week… and the wen i was about 14, the priest was preaching about something i think it was about repentance or something, and then about what awaits in heaven… and the only thing i could think about was what a load of bull… the only way you can know his is if you die, and last time i checked all of the people who claimt hey know what lies beyond aren’t dead yet. But you can only go on what you personally think or feel…. meditation helps alot… it helps you get n touch with what you are, and who you want to become… but you shouldn’t take pressures from anyone and only settle for what you believe.

  3. The answers are not vague if you know where to go for the answers. God’s word is the only word of truth about our beginning and ending. It is the only word that has stood the test of time but yet so many just write it off as goobledegooke. What you have been experiencing is a connection with the Holy Spirit that is lying dormant within you because you have connected with our Lord and Savior. And I will agree with you that we really don’t know 1% of what we think we know about the world around us. As humans we have the tendency to think that we are so smart and have all the answers. Only God is absolute and his word tells us exactly how to find happiness on earth and eternal bliss with him. Take the time to read the bible some time and really open your mind and heart to receive the answers and believe me God’s word will not come back void. Ask the Holy Spirit within you to help you find you way to salvation and you will be saved. I’ll be praying for you.

  4. Not unusual in passing, if it continues or meditation does not alleviate it you might want to talk to your doctor about anxiety disorders.

  5. Yes. But Yoga will only calm you down, but not prepare you. So meditation did not provide me answers. My answers came with I accepted Christ into my heart as Lord and Savior. That is when all my questions were answered (in time) and I no longer feared the unknown.


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