Home Discussion Forum Have you ever had past life regressions?

Have you ever had past life regressions?

How did it feel (spooky or matter of fact) and was it a learning / inspirational experience?


  1. Yes, i dreamt i was drowning on a ship in the second world was, we were involved in a battle with the Germans and we lost, i took a few bits of shrapnel and was stuck on deck when the ship started to sink, then i woke up, my main fear when i comes to dying is drowning, i think i am okay with everything else.
    I also dreamt i was with a holy man in India many years (maybe centruies ago), but the details on this one are private.

  2. never had one, if people claim they do then does that mean your dreams are from a past life, or day dreams, or wondering thoughts….i don’t get it some people are just crazy and take everything as a sine!

  3. I have not, but i’m sry I need to comment!!
    I actually saw Oprah the other day, and they had a whole show about it and I was SO interested! They have a method online you can do yourself, just google past life regressions and like the 3rd or 4th link down is self-guided PLR. They say sometimes you have to try for a while in order to make it work, but I’ve been trying myself. It sounds really cool and very interesting. Ill keep an eye on this question cause I’d like to know if anyone has! GOOD QUESTION!!

  4. It was interesting to say the least. One particular one was finding myself in a rage as I have just died. The wound was still fresh and the blood spilling down my chest. I was on a barren snow plain at night. I “knew” I had just died in battle and was ticked off and then I realized I was standing on the Norse version of Hell called Niefelim (spelling). I was freezing until this swarm of colors began to surround me. Finally they formed into Biforst, the Bridge that seperates the world from Asgard. Once the bridge formed I crossed over and was welcomed to Vahalla.
    In the same session I remember an earlier life and can still feel the sensation of that child playing barefoot in the mud along the river we my parents and I lived. In that life I died a very old woman who had been the clans healer.
    The strangest part of the session was the regression where I found myself underground. I could feel the cold dirt and rocks about me. I was not scared or dead but simply a part of that location like a piece of the ground itself.
    I still look back on those times and keep them to heart to help me remember who I really am inside and don’t let the stress and grievences of todays life dwell too deep in my soul.

  5. yes i’ve had past life regressions ,very interesting when done with guidance ,and even more interesting when it happens spontainously ,i have never dreamt a past live .
    it is a strange feeling at first to be in two places at the same time but i would describe the feelings as ,exciting, interesting ,inspirational, especially when ur experience is validated later .

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