Have you ever had dreams with Tarot card imagery?

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If so, please give an example.
I had a dream with what I thought were 3 princesses of cups. They were giving me the cups. It was probably representing the 3 of cups tarpt card, or the princess of cups? I think it was the 3 of cups.
Yes Janet, I have been feeling that way. That is very insightful. Thanks.

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No, I can’t say that I have had those kind of dreams, but I certainly do have symbolic, vivid and sometimes prophetic dreams. Lately, I have not been paying attention because when they become too real and too frequent, I get a little scared.
Anyway, the three of Cups symbolizes Mercury in Cancer – friendship, communication, shared ideals, joyfulness and in general, enjoyment in being around others. Is that how you have been feeling lately?

Abigail Rose

Yes, great question. I have always identified with the queen of swords. I often dream of the solitary image of the queen in my pack funnily enough. I can identify with her character traits and just know that that is “my” card and have used it allot in the centre of my celtic cross reading to identify myself

Intuitive Readings Dot Org

I have actually had dreams where tarot readers were reading for me.The three of cups is usually abundance and celebration (by typically female celebration). The princess of cups to me is an actual, younger or more immature female. Sounds like a fun new playful relationship is on its way.


No, this is the first I’ve heard of such a thing. Quite an interesting question you’ve posted. I’ll await to see the various responses you get, I’m intrigued. By the way, Janet seems to have a good grasp of interpreting your dream – I reckon she deserves the Best Answer.

Sadhara Satguru

Dreams are a symbolic representation of the subconscious & tarot work via the subconscious, so a definite link.
If you have been studying tarot then they will be ‘in there’ to work from.


I had a dream last night wiith green tarot cards involved. I can’t quite remember much now, but it involved 3 cards all with a main color of green…one had money….another had arrows..and i think the third had 2 cards.but all were green, This was so detailed though last night and maybe it’s something i need to pay attention to.



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