Home Discussion Forum Have you ever had any experience with telepathy?

Have you ever had any experience with telepathy?

Have you ever heard someone call you, or heard a voice that you know isn’t yours?
Just curious about the paranormal.
There’s really no right answer to this, So I think it should be put to a vote. Thanks everyone.


  1. Not xactly telepathy……But a co-incidence while callin my gal….Happened almost 15 times ….Both of em callled at da same time

  2. sometimes, when im thinking something,
    somebody close to me says it.
    (ex. me thinks-i want pizza. friend says- i want pizza. wanna order some?) weird, since i don’t really believe in this stuff.

  3. Yes. One day my friend was walking and then this giant goalpost from a soccer goal fell right next to him. He was joking and said that he had telepathy, and he made it fall. Then one day he said something that was exactly what I was thinking. I was intrigued. Then we started doing this thing- we both close our eyes, concentrate really hard, he thinks of a simple shape, and-poof! I see the shape perfectly in my imagination. He does not mention what shape it is, but I guess, and I had the image of his thoughts every single time. I remember the first time it happened- it was a square, and it was large and orange. It really freaked me out. Since then, all these weird things have been happening to me, like another time when I forgot to send another friend a postcard from Florida for his birthday. I was on my school bus, thinking “Oh, crap, I forgot his birthday” and then this really annoying girl on my bus who hasn’t learned how to shut up siad something like, “Yeah… we forgot his birthday…” and it scared the crap out of me. I might even be mildly psychic…

  4. I was at church (12 yrs old) when I heard a voice tell me that this was not the right path for me, and that I was ment to walk a different path.

  5. It is not that simple. Because Telepathyis a higher Form from one of our five senses.We have eyes to see, we have ears to hear, we have a nose to smell, a toung to taste and nervs to feel.Telepathy is the higher form of our seeing. and that is in a close relationship with clearvoyance. Telepathy is working with pictures and not with words.You are interpreting the pictures you get in your own language…..

  6. Yes I have experience with telepathy it is really cool but I suggest you try not to have it because it can be a curse. I am also an empath but it isnt cool because i really cant control it.

  7. Yes, this happens to me quite often which I believe is mainly due to the fact that I pray quite often. Not to take you off on a trip but if you call on forces strenuously enough you’ll surely get an answer.

  8. Yes with my brother all the time. We’re not twins but i can still know what he wants or what he’s about to say. I do the same thing with my boyfriend and friends from school!
    I laugh when i see them freak out.

  9. Yes, for several months after a rather profound experience at the age of seventeen I had a period of time following in which I was fully telepathic. My stepfather grew frustrated with me because I was unthinkingly mentioning things I had no way to know and asked me sarcastically if I was psychic. I said, “I don’t know”, because I wasn’t differentiating my thoughts from anything else. They were just “my thoughts”. He flipped a dime and asked me what it was. I told him I didn’t know. I suggested he look at the dime rather than simply cover it.
    100 correct guesses later I asked him to stop. He was stunned and didn’t want to.
    My first marraige was due to being asked by my former dance partner to cheer up a girl who was depressed at a party. She came to the same conclussion and started to play the “what number am I thinking” game. We got up to three digit numbers before I stopped her, a few other people joining in the game. I kept looking to see if someone was laughing, and few did, but once they asked me to guess, the smiles disappeared and they looked frustrated or surprised. I made a lot of friends that day. She wouldn’t let go of me.
    At the same time, I’d suggest to you that any person who sells such a skill, tries to convince you they have it, should be willing to take the Amazing Randy’s challenge for $10,000. If I had known about it at the time, I might have taken it, but I doubt it would have been important to me (very little was at the time, save experiencing God continuously).
    Be skeptical and know that most tests of telepathy have been seriously discredited. My testimony is personal and not proof. Be careful what you accept. Read the book, “Flim Flam”. Good wake up call.

  10. i have had a few experiences with what i believe to be telepathy or some other paranormal ability i dont “hear” things they are just in my head i cant really explain it. i especially tune into things in my dreams. my most recent was the date oct. 16th unfortunetly i dont know if its somethig that will occur or just a significant number 10/16. weird coincidence was 10 and 16 where the two first CA lotto numbers the next day.


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